New Book, New Buds, New Barn for 2019

Nope, I’m not getting a barn, but moving Lance. Sounds easy? Not with a nervous gelding who turns 29 in May. Is is necessary? That’s the deliberation.


Lance and Sally on the trail 11/18.

Three of my trail riding friends moved their horses last month. We live in a nice area, but when you see police bike patrols on the path, and your pre-LEO son gives you knuckle buster gloves and his asp for Christmas, it’s a sign not to ride alone. Plenty of people move horses daily and I’m doing my homework. Research precludes my story writing, so I’m gleaning tips and crossing my fingers Lance acclimates. We’ll also be schlepping a couple bales of hay and twenty gallons of water. Happy Lance, happy Sally.



The Face Book mini-horse and mule connections I made while researching new books introduced me to very helpful folks. At a friend’s movie night, I met a young woman looking to adopt an equine.  I mentioned Penny and Petey, the mini-donkeys from my previous post,  and she lit up. I’m hoping the donkeys will soon be spoiled by her two little girls and envision kids in a donkey a cart.  Another friend at my current barn would like to partner with a trail-worthy mule. The woman I met on my mule quest has passed the word. I’m hopeful she’ll find him a match.


Final edits continue on Torn By Vengeance and then it’ll be on pre-sale February 22nd. If you look closely, you’ll see Whinny, the miniature horse, in the background of the cover shot. Here’s the teaser to date:

A Seattle lawyer must trust a hunky Montana doctor for help when a secret from her past threatens his town and her career.

Corrin Patten is solidly on a path to make partner in a prestigious Seattle law firm when an ominous threat from her past turns deadly. She can handle circumstances necessitating a temporary move to the backwater town of Emma Springs, but its charming physician is another matter, as she’s issued a permanent moratorium on men.

Dr. Kyle Werner revels in trust from patients he regularly treats in a community he’s never wished to leave. Yet, Emma Springs lacks one thing, a woman to share his perfectly bucolic life. He’s read about pheromone attraction, but never experienced desire until meeting Corrin. They make an unbeatable team, but convincing her that his interest is sincere while they dissect layers of deceit requires the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. Can they defeat the wealthy stalker bent on mistaken revenge against Corrin and destruction of the peaceful Montana setting?

If you thrive on tenacious heroines, sizzling attraction, and a shadowy villain with a grudge, you’ll love this prescription for thrills.

Happy trails,


About Sally Brandle

Author, horse lover, gardener, pastry enabler, and thankful wife and mother. Very proud of both novels, The Hitman's Mistake and Torn by Vengeance, published by Soul Mate Publishing. The Targeted Pawn releases in March of 2020. Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense, motivating readers to trust their instincts. Growing up as a tomboy alongside brothers prepared her to work in a male-centric industry, raise sons, and create action packed stories featuring strong women. She thrives on creating unintentional heroines who conquer their vulnerabilities and partner with heroes to outwit cunning villains.
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