A Writing Moment with Michelle Libby

Happy Friday!

You know how they say “better late than never”? That kind of explains my life. I’m always running in 20 different directions and trying to get from one place to another, that I’m consistently late. So why would it be different with my first blog post of 2019?

I’m writing from the Rhode Island Romance Writers’ Annual Retexcited-23789_1280reat in Middletown, RI. Terri Brisbin is the speaker for Saturday and Annette Blair will present on Sunday. It’s been a while since I attended my last conference/retreat and I’ve missed the camaraderie that you get from other writers. These women come from all different backgrounds and write all different types of romances from fantasy to suspense and historical to contemporary. It’s exciting to take the energy they have for their projects and use that to propel your project forward.

I’m excited for tomorrow, but this retreat is only part of my February journey. I’ve joined a writing challenge from one of my RWA chapters. 30K in February. This will hopefully thrust me forward with my new book project. I will be doing that challenge while on the road with my husband. From Rhode Island, we will travel south until we reach “The Mouse”. We rented our first VRBO in Kissimmee so we could spend a warm week without snow. We even had the pool and hot tub heated so we could still swim when it’s 60 out. After, three days at Disney, and a few days relaxing, we will head south to South Carolina, but not before I attend the Master Class for the Spacecoast Authors of Romance where the topic will be marketing indie publishing.

When my husband and I planned this trip, we had no idea that I would be able to fit in two different writer events, but I’m so excited that it can be a part of our vacation. I will know at least one other writer when I go to the Saturday class in Cocoa, Florida, a friend originally from Maine. That helps make going to a new group more comfortable.

South Carolina will have three stops. One to visit our daughter at a training facility in Charleston. The second will be in Easley, where my parents and sister and brother-in-law will be moving within the year and we can have lunch with my cousins who live in that area. Finally, we will drive to Myrtle Beach to visit with my parents who are wintering at the beach. They will have just arrived and we plan to take them to a dinner show one night.

From there we will drive north to visit our son at college. He’s still on his first year away from home and we can’t miss the opportunity to visit. We might even bring him a souvenir from Disney before returning to Maine and the snow.

What does all this have to do with writing? A lot actually. We can write from anywhere when our jobs, homes and lives don’t interfere with our passion. I’m looking forward to seeing if it can be done, writing 30K in February, while on vacation. I’m hoping so.

I hope you all stay warm where ever you are.

Until next time.


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5 Responses to A Writing Moment with Michelle Libby

  1. Good golly, if you can write 30K words with all that travel you’ll deserve a medal! I find even just a weekend away visiting my mum is disruptive to my muse. Well, could be my muse is too intent on winning at least one game of Scrabble (Mum is a keen player) to worry about little things like editing deadlines, hehe. I’m eager to hear all your travel news, especially any little nuggets of knowledge you pick up at the writerly events. Have fun!!

  2. Nina Pierce says:

    Wow! That’s quite a trip … it sounds like so much fun! Here’s hoping being with all those writer minds and visiting all those new places keeps your muse motivating you! Best of luck with your writing challenge!

  3. Ashlyn Chase says:

    Sounds like a productive vacation! Have a great time in the sun!

  4. susanvaughan says:

    Lots of news about you and your family. Big doings! Thanks for sharing all this. I envy you your writing conference and the master class. So stimulating.

  5. viola62 says:

    I agree. Have computer, will travel. Also, these travels will provide you with rich material for future books.

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