Superheroes and superpowers

Hi, all!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Claire Davon and my series The Universe Chronicles is being released by Soul Mate Publishing. The first book, Shifting Auras, came out last July and the next one, titled Tracking Shadows, is scheduled for later this year. The series takes place within a secret government agency that gathers people with powers like telekinesis and psychic ability. Think of it like the X-Men meets romance.

I have read fantasy and science fiction all my life, and writing a superpower/romance series came naturally to me. The beginning of the book that became Shifting Auras started way back in 2011 and was just a small sliver of a remembered dream. Seven years later the story, in vastly different form, saw the light of day. The elements that remained, namely the drunk roommate and Maya’s psychic abilities, morphed into something I did not expect.

While writing the series I investigate and study many different types of superhuman abilities. It’s amazing how many online resources there are dedicated to superpowers. Some of them are familiar and some obscure. I like to use both.

My research got me to thinking—if I had an ability, what would it be? Would it be like Ian, the hero in the first book, who has telekinesis? Imagine the convenience. Don’t feel like getting up to get a soda? Just float one over from the fridge. The remote dropped behind the sofa? Solved! Or would it be like Maya, our sensitive? She can detect thoughts and emotions, as well as see auras, which could be useful if you want to know what your significant other is thinking. Honestly, I’ve never been sure that that’s a good idea. A lot of society is driven by small white lies and to always know what someone is thinking seems like it could be more trouble than its worth. Imagine if everything that goes through our brain went, unfiltered, to someone else? Yikes!

As a mischievous kid I used to think invisibility was the best. I imagined slipping from place to place and going into all those forbidden areas I wasn’t supposed to be in. Bank vaults. Malls after hours. I could hide from chores and ride elevators without anyone knowing I was there. Picture the conversations I could overhear, all unsuspecting. Or…I could go to Fort Knox and check it out. Okay so maybe I am still a mischief maker at heart because that still sounds pretty cool to me. I would just want to see the gold and see how it all works, honest! That’s part of what makes Quillan Hardis, the hero in Tracking Shadows, so fascinating to me. He gets to turn invisible! Oh to have that ability, just for one day…

If anyone wants to comment about their favorite superpower in the comments, I’d love to hear it. If you want to reach out to me on social media, I can be found at the following links. If you’re interested in Shifting Auras, and how I turned these abilities into romance, the book can be found exclusively on Amazon at the following link:

I hope that all of your dreams are full of wonder (and handsome men who rock your world, with or without superpowers).





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5 Responses to Superheroes and superpowers

  1. Zenobia Neil says:

    Fun! My daughter likes to ask, “If you could have five superpowers what would they be?” (We tell her that’s too many.) We usually argue over invisibility, flight, or shapeshifting. Personally, I kind of wish I could put my hand on a book and absorb all the knowledge.

  2. sueberger3 says:

    I’ve always wanted to be rich in and telepathic. But invisibility would be very cool.

  3. Time-travel. The ability to go backward and forward in history.

  4. viola62 says:

    That having the soda float over sounds really inviting!

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