Confessions of a Baseball Nut

Hi. My name is Pamela Gibson and this is my first post.

My favorite season arrives at the end of March. Full of hoopla and hype, Major League Baseball takes over the sports channels, bringing crotch-scratching, spit-spewing, dirt-kicking behemoths right into our living rooms. And I love ‘em all.

My team is the San Francisco Giants—winner of three World Series in five years. The last few years have been a trial, but we die-hard fans stick with our teams hoping for a year of good, injury-free pitching and lots of home runs.

I love Oracle Park, right downtown next to the marina. It’s a landmark when cruising in by boat, the lights of the stadium visible from across the bay on a clear night. I love the sound of a splash ball—a home run that soars over the wall into McCovey Cove where fans in boats and kayaks scurry like ducks after chunks of bread, trying to retrieve the ball before it sinks below the surface.

I haven’t seen too many games in person. You see so much more from your very own couch and if there are other fans watching the game with you, the screeching and swearing can still be done with aplomb. And the beer and sodas costsa lot less when you get them out of your own refrigerator.

My only regret about baseball season is that fans no longer sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” or whatever the real name of the song was. Maybe too many people were singing instead of running to the snack bar.

And now for my squealy confession. I’d love to write a baseball romance series. You can find a few sports romances on Soul Mate’s website and they’re all great. My Soul Mate books are historicals—Regency and Early California Rancho period. But the ball park is calling me and one day I’ll get out my Giants cap, my black and orange tee shirt, and my baseball socks and I’ll sit down at the computer and give it a try.

Do you follow baseball? What’s your favorite sport?

Pamela Gibson is a retired City Manager who loves to read, write, and eat chocolate (not necessarily in that order). She spent the last five years messing about in boats, touring the eastern third of the United States from its rivers, lakes, and oceans which are often connected by canals. She’s the author of thirteen novels, her most recent being the historicals mentioned above. You can find her in the following places:


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6 Responses to Confessions of a Baseball Nut

  1. Beth Carter says:

    What a fun post. Yes, I love baseball and played softball for years (first base.) Being from Missouri, the Cardinals are my team and they usually have stellar seasons! I even went to the I-44 World Series when the Cards played the KC Royals. I was young then. 🙂 I’ve also gotten into football with my husband and occasionally watch basketball. I think you should try a sports romance. From your descriptions about the ballpark and spectators, I think you’ll nail it!

  2. sueberger3 says:

    I see every baseball movie, and as a kid would go to games on a regular basis. But I don’t love baseball books and I don’t follow the sport at all. I lost interest when the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles.

    • pamelagibson says:

      Baseball romances aren’t for everyone. But the Dodgers are still a good team, even though they’re not in Brooklyn.

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