Writing Through Stress… And Life Goes On…

I missed last month! Actually! I didn’t! I wrote my post and scheduled it, except… I scheduled it for the wrong stupid day… Man. I felt dumb.

And today.. Despite all of my reminders and calendars… here it is going on 9pm and I just now realized… Dang it!!

So the last time I actually used my blog space was in November! That was four months ago. Holy cow!

In that time, I’ve gained two more grand babies! A beautiful baby girl and a handsome baby boy. Both are super precious and amazing. We have also survived the holidays, including having a most relaxing and different Thanksgiving, and a Christmas where we traveled to see grandkids, and got the flu, and a super chill New Years. It was all good though. (Just don’t ask me if the Christmas dishes are all put away yet, because they are not. They are still in my hutch. Ha! Yes, it’s March.)

I know I consistently post about stress. I guess it’s my “thing” now. Or maybe it’s my lesson in getting my head in the right space? Because… yeah… there is always stress. And stress changes all of the time.

I’m still dealing with estates and that crap. It sucks and requires more of my time that I thought it would and… frustrating and confusing.

My day job is a cesspool of stress. To the point that I missed my writing group lunch to come home and get day job stuff done. Only I couldn’t log in and I really need to get this stuff off of my plate. Suck.

The day job… It’s overtime. A lot of overtime. It’s working from home. It’s calls on my cell that aren’t really allowed. It’s people jumping ship left and right. (Last week, we lost 5 people). And the thing is, I love my day job. I love the industry (law enforcement), I love my customers, sales reps, and co-workers. Yes. I would rather be writing full time, but logically, that doesn’t pay the bills. I don’t plan on leaving unless my writing career fully supports my family.

And I come home with a headache and sick of staring at computer screens. I have three at work. I had to buy the biggest laptop screen I could for writing because I’m going blind now…

I have, however, been chucking as much of the day job crap as possible and doing everything I can to use the stress as a good writing outlet. It’s hard. Real hard. But I’m making it work.

Last week, I missed three writing days and I made up most of that lost word count on the days I did bang it out. I hiked up my writing goal for this month, because the book I’m working on must get done. Putting a little stress on my own self to meet my own self goals… necessary.

I guess my point is that I’m doing the best I can. Like we all are. We all have different stress and different stress reactions. I’m no expert, but I think we do the best we can with what we have. Sometimes, you just need to know you’re okay in what you’re doing. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to lay on the couch and moan one night a week. It’s okay to cancel plans to crank out some words.

That’s why we have places like this blog. To be reminded you are okay and that as long as you’re doing the best you can, you are okay…

To quote my dad super loosely – as long as you feel you’re doing your very best work, then you’re good…

Or something like that. Maybe we’ll get into that next time I blog, because my dad had a way with making you push a little harder without you even realizing it.

That’s all I’ve got, folks!



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4 Responses to Writing Through Stress… And Life Goes On…

  1. Don’t sweat the Christmas dishes still in the hutch. Mine are in a stack on the end of the kitchen counter, waiting for someone who can lift, carry, and bend better than I can. When she gets her family over the flu, she’ll come put them away for me. And maybe she’ll help take the snow scene paintings down and put up the ones with flowers. Meanwhile, I’ll be writing!

    • vicsmith says:

      You’ve got a good plan! I think I might just forget the dishes are in the hutch for now! I mean… they’re safe and they’re pretty, soo… I will be writing too! 🙂

  2. Wow! Your stress makes mine look manageable! Breathe!

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