New Hat: Published Author! by Janina Grey

I’ve always joked that I have multiple personalities in reference to the numerous different hats I wear at any given moment. In reality, these hats complete me. And now I have one more to add to my wardrobe.

First, there are the basic traditional hats of mother, wife, daughter, sister. Then there are the hats I’ve worn over the years, including: High Priestess, counselor, a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, social justice warrior, to name a few.

‘Writer’ is a huge hat I’ve grown into since I was a young child. Over the years there have been plenty of sub-hats, if that’s a phrase. If it isn’t, I’ve just coined it because hey, I’m a writer and that’s my right.

Some of the writer hats I’ve worn include Poet, Journalist, Columnist, Head Press Secretary, Assistant Director of Communications, Director of Communications and Grants, and so much more.

This last week I put on another hat and as a result I fulfilled a life goal.

I am a published author. This has been said out loud and silently hundreds of times these last few days. However, it still hasn’t sunk in.

The past month leading up to Wednesday, April 24, was filled with tasks in preparation of the big day. I wrote blogs, I built my fan base, I got my name out as often as possible. I held contests, promoted my release day, ordered giveaways. All that fun stuff.

And then . . . Release Day arrived. My morning began like any other. Up by 6:30 a.m., showered, dressed, and coffee in hand, I kissed my hubby goodbye and set off for work like any other day. That’s when I noticed things had started to change.

I floated to work. I couldn’t stop smiling. Even when I couldn’t smile outwardly, my face was about to burst with my inside smile. My heart was singing. Really loudly. No one else heard it, but my heart song was so loud it was difficult to focus.

At work, I was greeted with a “Congratulations” sign on my desk, a card, and flowers from my co-workers. I cried happy tears. We hugged. A lot.

I went about my day, and even a little snafu (leaving my car lights on and coming out to a dead battery) didn’t deflate my float. 

I called Geico and in 25 minutes I was in my Volkswagen floating back to my wonderful new reality waiting for me on my computer at home.

By this time, my online celebration was underway. Pre-scheduled contests announcements had been posted, links were shared, congratulations came in, and then it was time for drum circle.

A little while later, surrounded by eight older women who had never drummed before in their lives, I continued to float, my heart continued to sing, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

By the end of the class, these women who described themselves as “not being very musically inclined,” were carrying a beat and following along – unafraid, undaunted, and more than ready to put on their new hat of “Drummer.” They squealed with delight as I shared business cards and told them that today was my release day and that I was now a published author. After promises that they would buy my book, my drum was packed back into my car and I was floating to Ocean Blue in Utica, where my husband Dave was waiting to celebrate with me. 

It was an exciting evening, filled with good food and wine, more floating, picture taking, and lots of smiling. The servers even surprised us with dessert to celebrate my release day. Business cards were eagerly received and in exchange were promises to buy the book Ten Bucks and a Wish.

By 9 p.m. my floaty, surreal, jam-packed release day was over. But the fun hasn’t stopped.  

As weeks go, this has been one of the best, filled with love, hugs, and non-stop congratulations and best wishes.

Calling myself a published author has always been a dream waiting to become reality. And now, thanks to CNYRW, RWA, and most especially Soul Mate Publishing, I have officially expanded my hat wardrobe, and I’m finding that this “Published Author” hat feels and looks better than I ever could have imagined.


What hats do you wear?

Janina Grey’s debut novel, Ten Bucks and a Wish, is available on Amazon.

Book Description:

All it took was one wish and ten bucks, and Deanna Drake was falling in love all over again with her high school sweetheart.

Returning to her Olde Westfield home ready to battle the proposed development of her family legacy, Deanna learns that the man she despises most is behind the takeover.

Cord stole her heart five years earlier and now plans to steal her rightful heritage and turn it into his next successful moneymaking venture.

Falling in love again wasn’t even on her radar as she boarded the LIRR and headed east out of Manhattan.

Michael McCord knew he messed up bad when Deanna moved away to the city, never to return. Since then, he has been dealing with the realization that he lost the only love of his life forever.

But when Deanna’s father dies and leaves Cord executor of the debt-ridden and failing Drake estate, the budding developer does what he does best—he takes something that is broken and molds and mends it back to life.

The only question now is what is he hoping to heal? The farm, Deanna’s heart, or both? And where does he even begin?

He soon decides the best way to find out is to start with ten bucks and a wish.



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  1. sueberger3 says:

    Congratulations. I wish you joy and success.

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