Summer Green

Whenever I think of summer, the color green pops into my head. Looking up from my laptop to give my eyes a break, my neighbor’s healthy lawn fills my view. The blue-tinted blades of grass contrast with the bright, chartreuse of potted plants which line the walkway. To the side, the muted, olive-toned leaves of a live oak provide shade so those plants don’t shrivel in the south Texas sun. Tan homes, brown fences, creamy limestone all provide a benign background which makes the green really pop.

It was like that in my hometown in Kansas, too, canopies and carpets, even the rivers, all in the same hue. Except when, like here in Texas, the inevitable drought occurred, and the grasses turned brown while the leaves dulled and drooped. But when the rains did come, the greening happened, and life turned happy once again.

There’s something about summer that makes me want to eat green things, too. Salads seem refreshing, the tart Granny Smiths so much better than the sweet, red versions, the cucumbers and zucchinis and peas and string beans all mouthwateringly earth-fresh. People can the abundance of these vegetables for wintertime dinners, but nothing can compare to the flavor of straight-from-the-garden. Which inspired my new breakfast, the green smoothie.

My version has protein and flax seed additives, but I’m convinced you can blend anything into the base of: a couple handfuls of spinach leaves, a ripe banana, a cup of liquid (water, coconut water, almond milk, or plain milk),and a couple ice cubes. Tomorrow, I’ll add blueberries, and I’m prepared for some horrifying alteration to the bright green of the base. But blueberries…enough said. The day after, I might try pineapple.

All I know is, I’ve found a new way to bring summer into my kitchen. And like the neighbor’s grasses, plants, and trees fill one office wall with green, this new breakfast drink adds a needed splash of happiness to my very white, grey, and black kitchen.

I hope you can find a way to bring a bit of summer happiness into your home, too.

BTW, the summer solstice is on Friday. These days leading up to that event have significance in my book, Daughter of the South Wind. If you’re interested to find out how and why, check it out here.

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