I’m an Author…so Why Did I Enroll in an MFA Program?

In May of 2019, I was accepted into a Genre MFA program. A few of my friends and colleagues have asked why, since I’ve published my first book and seem to be well on my way in the publishing world, and it’s a valid question.
My decision-making process had a lot to do with where I am in my career and where I want to be. It’s true I love the genre fiction world and endeavor to volunteer where I can and attend at least three conferences a year to continue my development, but I wanted a more immersive process.
My desire for an immersive process reminds me of how my youngest daughter approaches eating spaghetti with red sauce, her favorite meal in the whole wide world.
Ever since the age of five, my little girl has understood that she is a messy and fully engaged eater. Upon hearing spaghetti is on the menu for the evening, she’ll carefully strip down to her underwear and tie one of the 100-year aprons I inherited from my Ma M`ere around her little neck. She gets out the cheese and carefully lays out a generous amount of paper towel beside her plate.
Rather than try to be neat about eating and hoping for the best, my daughter goes into her spaghetti with gusto, ready to get dirty and have a ton of fun while she dines.
That’s how I feel about tackling my MFA.
As my first semester is drawing to a close, I can honestly say that I’ve already filled in some gaps in my knowledge and have added a few new ideas and techniques to my author toolkit before I’ve even attended a single conference this year. I’ve already folded in some of my latest learnings into my next novel Lillith: The Regal Fae Pawn and Loan Series, and my thesis novel will be the most complex series I’ve ever attempted, all possible due to the skills I’m building in the program. My apron is messy with all the new techniques and exercises I’ve been completing.
There are two tracks to choose from for a certificate program and rather than choose the Professional Writing certificate, I decided on the Teaching Certificate. I firmly believe that teaching and giving back to others is how we stay fresh, sharp, and meaningful as writers, and I look forward to serving the writing community.
While I continue to work on Lillith, I’m also cooking up a way to start giving back to the writing community for those who can’t afford an MFA, so stay tuned for more details to come in August, and get your apron ready!

About carriekingwrites

Carrie loves writing about strong, passionate, magical women who fight for those they adore just as hard as they fight for what’s right. Her characters always have a snappy comeback ready to go for villain and hero alike. 'Harlow: The Regal Fae Pawn and Loan Series' is available now! https://amzn.to/2EN7u4E
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