New Soul Mate book-Tracking Shadows-Universe Chronicles #2

Hi, all!

I am very excited that my second Universe Chronicles book is being released by Soul Mate Publishing on September 4th. For anyone who read Shifting Auras, Tracking Shadows is the story of Quillan, the head of Richmond’s Universe group and the Night Stars agent who goes to him for protection. Or does she? Can Jiana Falco be trusted? And what about her powers—why is his boss so anxious for Quillan to discover what else the shadow manipulator can do?

I wanted to give Quillan his own story because he took on a life of his own. Originally (as in six or seven years ago) when I first had the beginnings of what became Shifting Auras Quillan was a true bad guy, out to take Ian (then named Bret) down and definitely not out for his best interests. Over the course of writing Shifting Auras Quillan became not a foe, yet not a friend, and his true motives and reasons were unknown.

He interested me. So I undertook to find out why. Enter Jiana Falco, a Night Stars agent who wanted to defect…or did she? Quillan isn’t the most trusting sort and it seems far too convenient that she just dropped into his lap. But Jiana is fighting battles of her own. She wants to get away from the trap of Night Stars, which is part of her family. In addition, she’s got something inside her that wants to surface, but she doesn’t know what it is.

They went on a journey I didn’t expect. Jiana in particular, as a new character, took a little time to crack but once I did what a fabulous story emerged. I think anyone who was ever made to feel less than can relate to Jiana’s voyage through this novel and what she becomes at the end. They take this road together, each learning about the other and growing as a result of their relationship into people they hadn’t been when it started.

I’m thrilled to see this out in the world and also to get back to the third book, since Soul Mate and I will continue to work together on this series. After this one it is our weather talent Zared who gets sent in to Raleigh, North Carolina to retrieve a Miami agent…and finds far more than he expects. I can’t wait!

If anyone wants to sign up for a blog tour, there is one starting via Silver Dagger Book Tours. Here is the link!

As always, if you want to reach me, here are all my social media contacts. Happy reading!





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  1. This sounds super exciting!

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