You might be a writer if… by C.D. Hersh


You might be a writer if


…your book characters are more real to you than your family members.

…you buy so much paper and ink you’re thinking about investing in Hewlett Packard or Staples.

…you get up early or stay up late to find quiet time to write.

…you have a notebook and pen stashed next to your bed, the toilet, your easy chair, and the car to catch ideas as they come to you.

…you know how to write legibly … in the dark.

…everything you see or hear elicits a “there’s a story/book/article idea there” comment from you.

…you get grouchy when you’re away from the keyboard too long.

…your friends don’t tell you too much about what’s happening in their lives because they are afraid they’ll turn up in one of your stories.

…a day without writing is like a day without sunshine

…you subscribe to a dozen magazines and newspapers just to get story ideas.

…you actually write. The real proof is in the production of completed works!


What about you? Do you resemble any of these? Which ones?




About C.D. Hersh

Paranormal romance co-authors
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4 Responses to You might be a writer if… by C.D. Hersh

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Most of them!!! 🙂 Fun post.

  2. sueberger3 says:

    No. But I enjoyed reading yours. More pads and pens would be good. I do jot things down on the notes program of my iphone.

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