Book Signings Are Fun by Beth Carter

One of my dear friends. Actually, her husband is my doctor! I helped recruit both of them years ago.

Over the years, I’ve had at least thirty book signings. I admit I’ve slowed down because it’s much easier to promote my work via social media while at home in my yoga pants (or let’s face it, pj’s.) Sometimes as writers we prefer to stay in our cave and avoid…people. Not that writers are all introverts; but many are. I’m in between. I used to be horribly shy, but basically forced myself out of my shell in high school.

Meeting excited readers face to face is exhilarating and motivational. I’m always shocked by people who tell me they heard from a friend of a friend about my books and have read them all. Others are new to me, and once we chat, almost always decide to give my books a try.

I’ve been in crazy writing/rewriting mode to finish COWBOYS AT COCONUTS #4, so it was tough for me to agree to leave my laptop. But a good friend opened a new boutique called CC Boutique. She is a doll, knows retail in and out, and is very attentive to local artists. She invited several to this event. In addition, she loves my books saying, “Beth, you know I don’t like to read, but I can’t put your books down. When’s the next one coming out?” How could I say no to that?

The event was a fall shopping extravaganza which brought in a variety of people. One woman sold fresh flowers; another launched a tee shirt line; yet another made candles. Others created beautiful wreaths, gorgeous glass-blown jewelry, and a cute, funky jean line. It was great fun, wine was served (need I say more!) and I sold over twenty books and have an order for three more. Three women asked to join my reader group, Beth’s Book Babes, and are already active. I’d call that a success.

My message is this: You can meet readers anywhere. Be open to book signings at unique locations. Don’t think they only have to be at book stores, libraries, or conferences. I’ve had signings for my kids’ books at a cupcake shoppe, a yogurt place, grocery store, schools, and the library. For my Coconuts series, I approached the manager of a bar named, you guessed it, Coconuts. He was a bit astounded but agreed. I sold several books and meet people from six or seven states who were visiting Florida. Many still follow me and read my newest novels. Do you enjoy having book signings? Have you had signings at unusual places? Here’s to writers meeting readers!

Watch for my new release, COWBOYS AT COCONUTS, on December 4!! Catch the Coconuts craze and read the other books in my series: THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, CHAOS AT COCONUTS (#2), and BABIES AT COCONUTS (#3). Each may be read as a standalone, but if you read more than one, I recommend going in order!

About Beth Carter

Multiple award-winning novelist and children's book author. Former bank VP and hospital PR director turned pajama-wearing writer. Find me online or at Starbucks where I'll be writing while sipping a skinny vanilla latte. If I'm not there, it's possible I'm at T.J. Maxx. Happy reading! 2017 Raven Award Runner-Up for Favorite Contemporary - SLEEPING WITH ELVIS; 2015 RONE Winner and 2015 Best Debut Author - THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS.
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6 Responses to Book Signings Are Fun by Beth Carter

  1. I really need to get out of my cave more! Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Great article. Ironically I’m doing my first signing this weekend at TNTNYC. I hope it goes as well as yours. 😊

    • Beth Carter says:

      I hope so too!! Best of luck. Don’t get down if you only sell a few books. I’ve had plenty of those signings too! Either way, you’ll get your name out there, and readers will remember your cover. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Good post, Beth. You’re right about nontraditional book signings being good venues. Often at book conferences, there is too much competition. But at a different type of event, as an author, you can stand out.

    • Beth Carter says:

      Absolutely! I know several authors who will only do group signings. Introverts, I guess, but it’s nearly impossible to sell more than a few books at those events. Not that sales are everything, but they’re nice. Thanks for stopping by, Cara!

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