Author Focus: Iuliana Foos

A good friend of mine, who is also a Soul Mate Publishing author, has an exciting week happening. Not only is the third, and final, book of a series releasing on Wednesday, but her first book is also on sale today through Friday…for free. Not only does Iuliana Foos write about vampires, but she’s from Romania, the “birthplace” of those creatures. How cool is that?

To celebrate the release of Book 3, Bloodline Revelations, and the sale of Book 1, Bloodline Origins, I thought I’d ask her to share a bit about herself to Soul Mate nation. Since she’s already given the basics on other platforms—after all, it is her third book—I tried to ask some original questions. I hope you enjoy her answers as much as her vampire stories.

What “fuel” (food or drink) do you use to sustain your writing day? To celebrate the completion of a manuscript? 

Iuliana: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Black, one sweetener is my go-to fuel every day, but in the weekends I spoil myself with a coffee Frappuccino from Starbucks. Usually, I celebrate the completion of a manuscript with a glass of champagne. On the release day of my books, I like to have a mimosa and stare at my book listed on Amazon. It always reminds me that I’ve accomplished a life-long dream. And that deserves celebrating.

What’s your bucket list activity that’s book/literature related? 

Iuliana: My ultimate goal is to have one (or more) of my books made into a movie. I think that would be the absolute recognition of my writing. It probably won’t happen in this life time, but a girl can dream, right?

Is there a knick-knack on your desk that inspires you? What is it and why?

Iuliana: There is one. My sister gave me a Swarovski desk clock incased in glass, with a few words engraved on it: She believed she could…So she did. I love it, mostly because it’s so true.

If you could eat lunch with 3 authors, who would they be and why? What about 3 fictional characters…who and why?

Iuliana: Lunch with authors sounds like fun. First would probably be Alexander Dumas. I could never get tired to listening stories about musketeers. If time travel was possible, I would definitely like to visit those times. Second, it would have to be Margaret Mitchel. Growing up, I always dreamed to become one day a writer just like her. Considering I grew up in Romania, in the communist era, that was quite an ambition. As for the third, I’m thinking George Lucas. I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I find inspiration in his originality. The first fictional character I would like to have lunch with has to Dracula. I visited his castle when I was a teenager, but unfortunately, he wasn’t home. And, no, I wouldn’t be afraid. I might even ask him to turn me into a vampire. The second one would be Princess Leia. She’s the inspiration behind many of my female characters. And the third, but not last, maybe Johnny from Dirty Dancing. I love dancing, and to me, he will always be the perfect dance teacher.

What’s your reward for this release…the final of a series?

Iuliana: I’m not sure yet, but it will involve some champagne.  At this point, knowing I’ve finished the trilogy is giving me a sense of accomplishment. I’m looking back, and I still can’t believe I did it.

If you had all the money in the world, where would your ideal writing spot be, what would it be like, and why? 

Iuliana: My ideal place would be a house on the beach. I love the ocean, white sand, and palm trees. Having a house with the ocean in my backyard is the other one of my dreams. I find it inspiring, calming and intriguing, all at once. Maybe after I have my books made into movies, I’ll afford my own piece of heaven.

How long did you have the Bloodline idea in your head before you started writing it? Are all your stories like that?

Iuliana: The original idea first appeared my mind when I visited Dracula’s Castle in my teens. It took over three decades to put it on paper, mostly because where life took me. Writing in a language that’s not my first, had been and will always be a challenge. Of course, the idea grew and morphed into a trilogy, but the thought that vampires could live among us, first sparkled when I was walking the dingy corridors of that castle. Soon after that, I started to believe that Earth is not the only populated planet, that life exists outside what we see and know. It was just a matter of time to put the two together. Throughout time, more and more ideas planted themselves firmly in my mind, and are now slowly coming out.

When are you most creative…morning or night?

Iuliana: I write best when it is quiet. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the day, some other times at night. But I’m definitely not a morning person. Not before I have at least two coffees, anyways.

What’s your next idea? Is it romance? Explain a little about it. And if it’s not romance, do you have a story in your head that we can anticipate in the future?

Iuliana: My next series, ‘Star Class’, is science-fiction, and yes, there is a central (sweet/clean) romance story in each of the seven planned books. The series follows a group of girls. The day they finished high school every girl had a gold star tattooed on the inside of their wrist, and they all wished for happiness in a ritual they made up around a camp fire. Each book in the series follows a girl’s pursuit of happiness in a different world. I thought it would be interesting to make the separate books/worlds a different color. So far, I’ve written the first drafts for three of them: orange, purple, and white. I still have to write turquoise/blue, red, gold, and green. But all their stories are lined up in my head already, fighting to get out. I think they’re just as unconventional as my Bloodline series, and I like to push the limits of imagination.

There you have it. And on Wednesday, she’ll set aside her coffee cup for a champagne flute. Well-deserved, Iuliana!

Here’s what Bloodline Revelations is about: Theodora De Croix, the vampire Princess of the New Coven, followed the path chosen for her for five centuries. When she unearths an ancient alien in the desert, his awakening sets a prophecy in motion. Alex, learns about life on Earth, and the intricate coexistence between humans and vampires. In the process, he conquers Theodora’s heart, and decides to re-evaluate the blue world as a possible new home for his people. In the frontline of an alien invasion, Theodora and Alex unite their efforts, trying to save the planet they both want to call home. Who will claim it, and at what price?

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7 Responses to Author Focus: Iuliana Foos

  1. Beth Carter says:

    What a fabulous interview! Well done, ladies.

    Congrats on finishing your trilogy! I also love the idea behind your next series, Iuliana, and how cool about visiting Dracula’s castle as a teen!!! I’d love to do that but would be scared to death. 🙂 Congrats on your accomplishments!

    • Iuliana Foos says:

      Thank you, Beth :). The only thing I was afraid of, was one of those rope bridges used to connect two towers. I don’t like heights, and all I could think was that the bridge will break under me. Everything else, is pretty cool.

  2. KD_DuBois_author says:

    I let Iuliana know you commented, and she said, “Thank you, Beth. 🙂 The only thing I was afraid of was one of those rope bridges used to connect two towers. I don’t like heights, and all I could think of was that the bridge will break under me. Everything else is pretty cool.”

    Thanks! -KD

  3. Belle Ami says:

    Thanks for sharing your dreams & stories. Good luck!

  4. sueberger3 says:

    Beautifully done interview. Congratulations to both of you. Princess Leia is my heroine too.

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