How to Make Lace Angels By Susan Hanniford Crowley

Hi Everyone,
I write vampire adventure romance, so of course, I make angels. As a matter of fact, every year at Christmas time, my family makes angels. Today I am going to show you how we make our lace ones.

What you will need:

Wide lace with holes for the skirt (2-2 and a half inches wide)

Thinner lace for wings (not with one side hemmed – 1 and a half inches wide)

Package of long gold pipe cleaners

Package of wooden bead “doll” heads

Felt in whatever color you would want for the hair

Glue (make sure it will glue felt and is a non-toxic, non-flammable glue)

Optional: Additional color felt for making stars, flower shapes, and or hearts to decorate your angel

Optional: Shiny contact paper to do the same thing

How to do it:

You will cut one foot of wide lace. Take out a pipe cleaner and thread accordion-like through near the top of one side. It is okay if the holes are not in perfect alignment.

Next, you scrunch the lace down. You are going to bring both sides of the skirt together and twist it closed leaving you with the long gold pipe cleaner to work with. Make that twist tie closed tight.







Now for the wings!  See above. Cut your thinner lace at four inches. For the wings, you thread from bottom to top.  Push that down like so.







Now you want to prepare the head. Some “doll” bead heads come with faces, but some don’t. I have drawn on faces using Sharpies fine point permanent pens, but not on the one I’m showing here.

You want to cut a circle from your hair felt that is an inch and a half in diameter. Make a hole in the center and then make small cuts around as seen.

Push down your head and put glue on the bead head around the pipe cleaner. You can add a spot of glue to hold it while forming the hair.







Now form a halo from the pipe cleaner. And twist to keep in place. Form the rest of your pipe cleaner into a hook.







I added a little pink heart. Sometimes it’s a gold heart. Ever since my husband had a heart transplant in 1990, we have added the heart to our angels.

Dry flat overnight for the glue to harden. Now you have a lace angel.

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All the best for a joyful and safe holiday!
Susan Hanniford Crowley
Where love burns eternal and whispers in the dark!

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