Older, wiser, and deserving a forever home.

Growing up, I don’t recall so many abandoned animals. I guess the designer pet market helped displace the non-perfect specimens. Compounded by pets living longer, rescue groups are continually seeking forever homes for wonderful, mature companions.

Spock, our biggest feline, lost his owner after a month long coma. Their relatives confined four year old Spock to a cat carrier while they cleaned the house, then wouldn’t pay the surrender fee to the humane society, and threatened on Facebook he’d be put on the street. Human compassion at it’s finest, but our gain. The mom of one of my riding buddies saw the post and rescued him. We’d been looking for a kitty, so the timing worked. The first few weeks he nervously licked his tummy to reddish bald spots. Petting, consoling, and string chasing sessions dashed his abandonment fears. He’s the friendliest, coolest feline I’ve ever known.

Tallulah’s been my desk-side buddy for a decade. She arrived at three or four years old, and now her hearing’s going, her eyes are cloudy, her hips are weaker, but her spirit brightens our house and our walks. We couldn’t rub her tummy with our stocking feet for years–she’d cower, awaiting a kick. And she’s a pleaser, always trying to figure out what you want her to do. Right now, our goal is to ensure she lives pain free.

Lance, aka Thirsty’s Possum, answered my childhood horsey dreams, that I’m living out as an adult. We’ve partnered for nearly eight years, and traveled hundreds of miles together. He’s turning thirty in May, and we’re trail riding three or four times a week. Tallulah and I walk beside him other days. The exercise helps all of us battle arthritis. The first six or seven months I leased him, I wondered if he even liked me. Then I heard his story, how a dentist raised him until seven, sold him to a friend, and lost track of his horse for fifteen years. The friend sold Lance and never gave the dentist the opportunity to buy him back. You see, Lance voices his opinion in subtle ways, but to those who don’t listen to their animals, that would be a problem. When I contacted the man who raised him, he sent me a wonderful photo of Lance at seven, in Hell’s Canyon, on a hunting trip. If you want a horse who keeps you aboard, get a former pack pony!

Cheeto, our smaller, younger kitty, is a spitfire. Don’t let those charming green eyes fool you. She holds her own. At half the size of Spock, we think she’s been bullied. My adult son keeps her in his nearby apartment, but while he works, she visits. Not certain of her full story, but she’s been shuffled several times. Her journey to a welcoming home ends with us.

My husband and sons are wonderful, but knowing my gardening, walking, typing, and lap buddies continuously seek out my companionship fills a place in my heart reserved only for my furry friends. If you’re considering a new family member in 2020, please consider a mature one. They’ll never disappoint. Let your home be their forever home.

The Targeted Pawn, Book 3 in my Love Thrives in Emma Springs series of clean, romantic suspense stories, features several rescued animals who prove their worth to their owners–in love and deeds. It releases on March 18, 2020.

Happy trails,

About Sally Brandle

Author, horse lover, gardener, pastry enabler, and thankful wife and mother. Very proud of both novels, The Hitman's Mistake and Torn by Vengeance, published by Soul Mate Publishing. The Targeted Pawn releases in March of 2020. Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense, motivating readers to trust their instincts. Growing up as a tomboy alongside brothers prepared her to work in a male-centric industry, raise sons, and create action packed stories featuring strong women. She thrives on creating unintentional heroines who conquer their vulnerabilities and partner with heroes to outwit cunning villains.
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14 Responses to Older, wiser, and deserving a forever home.

  1. My pug boys are now 12 and starting to show advanced signs of aging. We’re now down to backend carts and diapers, but my husband and I are determined to give them the best remaining days of their lives.

  2. pamelagibson says:

    We just rescued a sweet Siamese found on the street. The shelter gave him a name and figured he’s about ten years old. We don’t know his story, but he’s good natured and in three days was crawling into laps (the first two days he remained under the bed). I agree, older pets are wonderful. He spent six weeks at the shelter, and was thought to be amiable enough to be around other cats so we’ll be heading back in a couple of months to get another senior cat.

  3. Cindy Tomamichel says:

    A lovely blog Sally, thanks for posting. All my animals have been rescues as well.

    • Sally Brandle says:

      I would’ve guessed that, Cindy. And my heart goes out to all the critters who’ll need help in Australia, we’re donating $$. The photos tell the stories.

  4. viola62 says:

    The most wonderful dog I ever owned was a rescue. She filled my life with joy.

  5. We have a rescued pit bull and a rescued chihuahua. They are the heart and soul of our family. Lovely story and blog.

  6. sueberger3 says:

    I’m looking forward to your book. Want a blog spot?

  7. Sally Brandle says:

    I’m excited to share it. Yes, I’d love a spot March 18 or shortly after. Thank you!

  8. Nada Hughes says:

    Was so happy that Spock found a wonderful home. He was such a sweetheart. He first came to my home, but he was bigger than the daschund who has been with me since she was a puppy and she was too territorial and chased Spock for the week I had him. She is now getting paybacks as the kitten I now have only weighs a pound less than the dog and they are pretty much an even match. But so fun to watch their skirmishs. Love getting updates on Spock. nada

    • Sally Brandle says:

      Hi Nada-Spock thrives…thanks to you…and you are recognized on the Acknowledgement page of The Targeted Pawn…you did a fabulous job as a beta reader.

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