A Super Revelation

Please forgive my late posting. A few weeks ago, when I realized that my post would come the day after the Super Bowl, I decided that I’d write about the best part of that event—the commercials. You know, look at the ones that caused the gut-busting laughs, appreciate the dialogue full of double meaning and how the combinations of action, music, words, and celebrity cameos all fit together to give a 30-second punch of entertainment.

Folks, I tried last night, I really did, but for once in many years, at least to me, the game held my attention more than any of the commercials. It seems this year the focus was on sentimentality, which from a writer’s perspective isn’t such a bad thing. It takes careful crafting of words to touch someone’s heart within a matter of seconds. Pinpointing on matters that everyone can relate to is something we all try to strive for when we write. And while I can appreciate the meaning behind those commercials, it clashed too much with the simmering excitement of the game.

Basically, I wanted the silly, gregarious ads to keep my emotions in-line with what was happening on the gridiron. Sadly, the creative minds behind the commercials didn’t deliver for me. Perhaps they did for you, and if so, great. But when in this morning’s conversations with friends I had a hard time remembering gags and one-liners and basically any commercial, it seems that there’s been an odd shift in the universe. Perhaps that’s not a bad thing, though. After all, the main event is a game.

And I do need to confess one thing: I really did analyze the commercials from the viewpoint of writer’s craft. I’ve never done that before, so maybe that’s a sign I’m growing into this new career of mine. Now that’s monumental!

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4 Responses to A Super Revelation

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Most of the commercials were a miss for me, too. But I’m thrilled the Chiefs won!!! What a comeback and way to be victorious after fifty years. I looked at the team’s backstory as a writer and told everyone who would listen that they were the Cinderella team! Side note: I’m from Missouri. 😉

  2. Sally Brandle says:

    I don’t watch the play during the Superbrawl, only the commercials. The one from Dove about women was good and the Jason Momoa and Dorito’s ads were funny. Sadly missing was the Budweiser Clydesdales,about the only reason I tuned in. Next year, mehhh.

  3. sueberger3 says:

    I’ve never watched the Super Bowl. But I had heard the com s were fun. Sorry they missed this year.

  4. viola62 says:

    I agree! The commerciAls were less than stimulating.

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