Withdrawal, But Not Retreat

It’s been a long writing journey that I’ve chronicled here over the last year or so. Its been almost fifteen years since I started creative writing in earnest. During that time a lot has changed in the world, in my personal and family life, and in my writing life. It has been a journey indeed.

For all that time, creative writing has been an escape from a demanding job, raising three children, caring for aging relatives. Now I am about to  make a third major job change (the one that pays the bills).

It seemed I would never complete Storm Watch, the third book in the Unfinished Business Series, but I did. And I started the fourth. That is now in limbo while I detoured to non fiction writing–and out of the blue–a contemporary Western romance/women’s fiction heavily based on current events.

In order to survive the increasing distraction of the socio political landscape, and raising teenagers in a social media induced frenzy I’ve been forced to limit my own social media involvement and and the interaction I’ve enjoyed with other writers at my CTRWA chapter meetings and events, as well as on my many online writers’s groups where I lurk but rarely have the energy to participate. Forgotten, but not gone.

So here is a report from the battlefield. My daughter will be going to college next year.  I will be alone with my husband and my cat. I can’t wait. The first six months of a new job are a challenge, but I’ve done this before.

I have kept writing nonfiction.  And the contemporary Western romance/women’s fiction, I’ve been blogging about here is within a few chapters of being finished. I credit blogs like this which kept me accountable to have something to report, as well as keeping me engaged. And Laurie Sanders, who is the best developmental editor in the world. And the 100 Words a Day for 100 Days Challenge , which was extended an additional thirty because I often wrote nothing but just as often pushed myself to do 100 words a day and often exceeded that.

How the job change will play into all this is not clear, but this book will be finished and the Book Four of the Unfinished Business Series will be commenced by the end of Summer 2020.

Hold me to my word, please.

About caroleannmoleti

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, Mother. Writes fantasy because walking through walls is easier than running into them. Writes political commentary, memoir and creative nonfiction because....I am not a well behaved woman.
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4 Responses to Withdrawal, But Not Retreat

  1. I wrote non fiction as well and find it restores my desire to write fiction once again. Actually, the same is true with writing fiction. It drives me toward writing fiction soon afterward. I think when one is busy, the important thing is to just keep writing.

  2. viola62 says:

    I know how demanding life can be. I still work full-time, too, and I have a full-time husband!

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