We All Need Friends

Everybody needs a writing buddy. Some have two legs, others have four. But writing is a lonely business and it’s nice to have someone nearby, either virtually or in person, to help or provide encouragement.

When I first started writing I had an awesome critique partner. We met every Friday morning to go over our latest works in progress. That meant I always had something ready, whether one chapter, or two, by Thursday night because we critiqued using track changes on the computer, or we printed out the pages and marked them up with a pencil. Her name was Sharon Hamilton who today is a New York Times best-selling author. If you haven’t read her steamy Navy SEALs books, you’re missing out.

Occasionally I went to the local Starbucks to write and sometimes ran into another prolific best-selling author, hard at work, earphones on. I knew her as Nyree. You know her as Bella Andre. Gracious and kind, she always asked how my work was going. It usually made my day.

When writing at home I had another kind of supporter, one who meowed and climbed on my lap when I was at my desk, pushing keys with his paw before I gently set him on the floor and “fixed” what shouldn’t be there. His name was Bubba, a cat I inherited from my daughter (a rescuer of many felines). This cat lived to be twenty-one and I still miss him.

A lot of my friends have family dogs who sit loyally by while they work. When I visit my son and daughter-in-law my grand-dog, Jackson, sits by my feet while I type away on the keyboard. Every so often he looks up so I’ll reach down and scratch his ears. He’s a lab-golden mix and is very good at giving encouragement.

I now write on my living room couch on a laptop and my companion is a Siamese named Ralph. He reclines behind my head, keeping my neck warm while I write. When I get up for coffee or a snack, he follows, making sure I come back to finish my morning assignment.

Friends are important, no matter if you read, write, or work at home or outside the home. The friends can be on-line, many miles away, or just down the street at a coffee shop.

Or they can be curled next to you at your feet or on the couch or wherever you work, their soft fur helping to relieve stress and letting you know you aren’t alone.

Do any of you have a special friend who helps you through your day?

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6 Responses to We All Need Friends

  1. Cindy Tomamichel says:

    A lovely read. I often find myself balancing a keyboard on top of a cat, which works about as well as you would expect!

    • pamelagibson says:

      My cat is content to sit next to me on the couch or behind me where he can look over my shoulder and be a critic. His biggest contribution is letting me pet him when I’m stuck.

  2. viola62 says:

    I wish I still had my little old woman dog as my writing buddy. She, too, used to sit by me while I wrote.

    • pamelagibson says:

      Dogs are such loving companions. I’ll be visiting my grand-dog at the end of March and I can hardly wait. Even though we live a thousand miles apart now, he still greets me with a wagging tail like I’m his long lost friend.

  3. sueberger3 says:

    Love the post. I have to have a critique group. It keeps me motivated. Right now I feel scattered.

    • pamelagibson says:

      Critique groups are important, not only for motivation, but for new perspectives. I, too, feel scattered from time to time, but all those errant pieces eventually come together for me. They will for you, too.

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