Signing Sightings

Not exactly easy, carrying around a suitcase full of books, bookmarks, candy and other assorted swag and treats, but I do it as often as I can. What am I talking about? Book signing, of course. I’ve done quite of bit of interesting things these last two years to boost book sales from blog tours to FB ads to contests, but nothing jolts my income like a good old-fashioned book signing.

This last weekend I sat inside a charming local bookstore in Jacksonville, Oregon, and for two hours straight I signed away to my heart’s content. I sold more books at that event than I had all week, but more importantly, I got to meet many people new to my readership, as well as had lovely visits with those readers I already regard as tried and true. And what made it even more impactful was the fact that I was not the only author at Rebel Heart Bookstore signing.


What we do as writers is sometimes a lonely pursuit. We write alone, do social media alone, market alone, but gratefully we don’t have to do everything alone. If I could, I would attend a signing every two weeks, but then, when would I have time to write?

Learning about what other authors are writing and how they are selling their wares is fascinating tome. I love hearing about their process, their successes and pitfalls, and what they imagine their projected sales will be for the year. Plus, I have to admit I enjoy spending time in any bookstore which carries the kinds of books I love to both read and write. Brick and mortar bookstores are a dying breed, I know, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, praying for a Holy Ghost revival.

Look for me next time you’re in your local bookstore. I’ll be sitting at a small table, my books surrounding me like soldiers of the faith, Sharpie in hand, ready to welcome you personally to my world of storytelling. And yes, I’ll be more than happy to sign your book!








Born and raised near the Puget Sound in Washington State, Gwen Overland and her family now live in Ashland, Oregon, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Prior to that Gwen lived in Los Angeles and had careers in directing, acting, and singing while performing at the piano. After years in academia, writing one research article

followed by another, Gwen turned her talents toward writing fiction and found she happily could not stop. Love’s Harvest and Free My Heart, two novels from her Salmon Run Series, have been published by Soul Mate; she is currently working on the third Salmon Run novel, Waiting for You. Her self-published, romantic comedy/mystery series, The Millicent Winthrop Novels, is available in both English and German.  In addition, Gwen also has two published non-fiction books on the work she does in conjunction with her business, Expressive Voice Dynamics: Soul of Voice and Soul of My Voice.  When she’s not reading, writing, or playing with her two black pugs, Buster Keaton and Emmett Kelly, Gwen works in the theatre, teaches college students how to muster the courage to follow their dreams, or assists psychotherapy clients in discovering more joy and meaning in their lives. 


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1 Response to Signing Sightings

  1. viola62 says:

    I love book signings, and I agree it is a great way to network, meet other authors, and expand readership.

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