The world has lost its innocence as we rediscover what past humans endured and survived.

But we are more able now than any time in history to study and fight this virus. The human species survived many such disasters in the past. Smallpox. The Black Death. Typhoid. Yellow fever. Cholera. Polio. The Spanish Flu of 1918.


At no other point in history has science been advanced enough to help with a virus. When the 1918 flu was raging, microscopes were not accurate enough to even see a virus. Compare that to this current pandemic, where the virus was not only identified, but gene sequenced within weeks.

Survive as a human race we shall. Changed without doubt – no longer confident in our invulnerability – but survive we will. But what aspects survive? The courage of medical staff, the endurance of grocery workers, the behind the scenes IT people building info systems. Scientists working on vaccines. Farmers continuing to provide food. Companies changing their entire factories in days to produce much needed medical supplies.

The kindness in a wave from a distance or a thank you to workers. Chalk pictures drawn on pathways by children. Thinking of the more vulnerable while keeping yourself and family and friends safe. This is human, taking care of others often at the expense of self. Everyday heroism.

Not sharing lies and conspiracies. Not hoarding toilet paper and medicines others need. Not telling people filled with anxiety and fear they should be more productive.

Being kind to ourselves and each other is how we will survive.

The natural evils that surround us,” Webster wrote in his 1798 treatise on epidemics, “[also] lay the foundation for the finest feelings of the human heart, compassion and benevolence.”

Be safe and well, and as the Queen said, “This too shall pass.”


Cindy Tomamichel is a multi genre author, with her SMP series Druid’s Portal a time travel action adventure romance set in Roman Britain. Short stories of fantasy, scifi and romance can be found on her website, where she blogs on aspects of world building.

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Escape the everyday with tales of time travel, romance, fantasy and science fiction. My website blog focuses on world building for scifi, fantasy and historical fiction writers. Wanting help with your author platform? Check out 'The Organized Author' book and services.
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3 Responses to Courage

  1. Reblogged this on CAROLE ANN MOLETI and commented:

    Truly something to reflect on. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing that.

  3. sueberger3 says:

    This is a sad, crazy time, but we aren’t anywhere near human extinction. The pandemic of fear surrounding the events is unwarranted by the actual figures and is spreading far faster than the disease itself.
    We will survive quite handily. But our economic picture in the future is going to be – well . . . It feels like The Great Depression may have to take a back seat in history.

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