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Entertainment has been transformed. Gone are the live slick Hollywood produced programs with multiple cameras, spectacular stage lighting effects, synthesized sound equipment, and performers with a team of stylists behind the scenes. What we are witnessing today is a generous outpouring of raw talent and the goal to make a human connection.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed this either on television or in social media events in recent days. Many of the world’s most dynamic global citizens are sharing their gifts and their homes with us during these uncertain times.

I marveled at Elton John’s performance in his backyard at a shiny black grand piano sandwiched in between a kid’s makeshift basketball court and a recycling container during a recent live program. I’ve seen John Legend’s GRAMMYs on display, Oprah’s kitchen, Deepak Chopra’s balcony view, Ellen’s backyard, Garth Brook’s home music studio, Tim McGraw’s pool, Paul McCarty’s den, and Jimmy Kimmel’s kitchen.

Each time these well-known personalities have opened the door to their home, we get a unique glimpse into their lives where we’ve found they too are stuck at home trying to make sense of what’s going on in the world and manage the best they can. As if celebrities would be exempt?

Musicians separated but collaborating from their homes has been another amazing entertainment accomplishment during this Pandemic crisis. The live stream entertainment special this past weekend, One World: Together at Home, helped raise funds for the World Health Organization and set the new standard. The show stopper was a remote collaboration featuring Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, John Legend and Lang Lang perform performing, “The Prayer.” It was breathtaking and relevant. As of today, the YouTube clip of the performance has hit 6,360,368 views.Global Citizen Group

As a professional marketer in the media business, I am trained to look for trends and ways to better communicate. While many of us are feeling isolated, I hope these bright spots of human connection through our media platforms and electronic devices, continue to feed us help us feel both human and connected.

Here's to being together until we can be together again. (1)

Marisa Dillon has three historical romance books with Soul Mate Publishing with the Ladies of Lore Series.

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6 Responses to Marisa on Marketing

  1. viola62 says:

    I, too, loved the show, and I do see people reaching out to each other in various ways. However, I also see much discontent. I hope what has brought us together does not tear us apart.

    • marisadillon1 says:

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. My hope is we all get through this together and find some silver lining.

  2. I watched all of them and enjoyed the performances.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Great post. I rather enjoy seeing performers, actors, and news anchors looking like regular people without all of the fancy clothes and perfectly coifed hair and makeup. This crisis has really brought about a unique perspective for the entire world since we’re going through this pandemic collectively.

    • marisadillon1 says:

      Hi Beth. Thanks for stopping by and the complement. I totally agree with you. To often our celebrities seem unrelatable. I’ve enjoyed the ‘relaxed’ nature of these current entertainment programs. I do hope some elements of this new format become incorporated in future programming. Stay tuned!

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