Yorkies and Sewing by DeAnn Smallwood

The kid dogs and I are sewing me a dress. Yep! I used to sew quite a bit when my daughter and son were little. However, that was years ago. When I say the Yorkies kids are helping, it’s not a frivolous statement. They help by shadowing my every step from the sewing machine to the ironing board and back. They know I have to press the seams flat. They are also excellent listeners as I read the pattern aloud and mutter. But the really amazing part of this endeavor is I’ve moved my sewing table and all the necessary paraphernalia out to our patio. I am having such a good time, enjoying the summer days and seeing my dress take shape. And I’m being understanding when the kids take off to bark at the neighbor dogs, or to explore the garden, checking on the potatoes, tomatoes, and the cucumbers. Happily, they are growing and the tomatoes all have blooms. That’s what watch dogs do!

But back to my sewing. I have everything I need set up so I can sew and look out over the garden and the yard. I’m not housebound and I look forward to each day. Now with all that going for me, you would think my dress would be coming along great. Wrong! The pattern advertises it only takes two hours to complete the dress. Uh, huh. I’m going on day four. Good thing its only two hours or I wouldn’t have it by Christmas. The other good thing is it’s free. I had the pattern and the material so the dress has cost me zip. (You can’t count my time of course.) I would have finished it today, but the pattern said to sew the front to the back at the side seams. It never mentioned being careful not to sew in the pockets. But I patted myself on the back and bragged to my husband that I knew better than to do just that. I pinned and looked then sewed. Oh yeah. I sewed them pockets right up. No problem. That’s what seam rippers are for. Just a minor set-back on my two hour dress.

I saw a pair of Palazzo pants advertised. They were so stylish. I decided I’d sew them next after my dress. I went online…we’re still doing our social distancing and being careful…and ordered a Simplicity pattern for Palazzo pants. Now it doesn’t boast at being only a two hour easy pattern, so I’m not sure when I’ll be wearing them. Hopefully before I gain so much weight because of baking every day and can’t get into them. Surely, they won’t take more than a couple days.

I write every morning while I’m waiting for the day to warm up. Our weather is only in the high seventy’s or low eighties. I’m loving my characters. This book, One Man Returns, is really a sweet historical romance. It’s great to free my imagination and go back to the 1800’s where the woman cooks on a wood range and sews her husband a shirt by hand. No two hour easy pattern for that girl! It’s also a great feeling to see two people meet and fall in love. I’m such a romantic.

So thanks to the Yorkies, my summer is off to a great start. I just wish one of them knew how to sew.

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1 Response to Yorkies and Sewing by DeAnn Smallwood

  1. viola62 says:

    Good luck on the dress and the WIP. I was crazy enough to take on three major WIPs at this time, but I wish I still had my precious mutt to keep me in line.

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