Marisa’s Musings

Marisa’s Musings

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before.” Wise words from Bonnie Blair, one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history.

That quote found its way into my feed this week and it has continued to be in my thoughts as I considered the meaning of “winning.”

It’s safe to assume we all want to be winners. A trophy, a plaque, a certificate, heartfelt congratulations, especially a gold medal, can make a winning moment more memorable. It also provides validation, a sense of accomplishment, even honor.

When my book, “The Secret of Skye Isle,” was nominated last month for a RONE Award, I was over the moon. A few weeks later, the book made it into the finals. Getting recognized in the competitive publication industry was a defining moment. An acknowledgment that will always be a part of my writing journey.

Did I win the award? It’s still a mystery. I have until October to bask in the glow of being a finalist. Whether or not I receive the cool trophy at the awards ceremony can’t alter what came before. A loss shouldn’t put a damper on what was accomplished and a win can only make the journey sweeter.

It’s important to celebrate the small victories in your life. If you’re a published author, yours may look a lot like mine:

  1. Completing a manuscript. Winning!!!!
  2. Letting at least one person read your manuscript, other than your mother.
  3. Submitting your work for publication consideration. (The dreaded query letter)
  4. Getting an agent and editor to request your work. (And dealing with rejections)
  5. Securing a contract with a publisher.
  6. Seeing your name on a book cover for the first time and you didn’t photo shop it.
  7. Having your book released on Amazon.
  8. Receiving your first five star review and ignoring any bad ones.
  9. Autographing your first book in print with impressive looking script.
  10. Cashing your first royalty check.

Winning can be a series of small victories that add up to something big for you to celebrate now and forever. And remember it’s not about besting someone else, it’s about being your best.

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5 Responses to Marisa’s Musings

  1. Yes! It is the little victories along the way for sure. Wishing you luck.

  2. marisadillon1 says:

    Hi Donna! Thanks for stopping by and weighing in on the subject.

  3. viola62 says:

    This is a very good post! I agree with you. For too long, I judged myself by impossible standards. i was mad at myself for not being first and getting the golden trophy. Then, I realized I’d done a lot with my writing. I have finished my WIPs. I have been published. Okay, no Pulitzer or Nobel yet, but we all can’t be Faulkner.

    • marisadillon1 says:

      Hi Voila,
      Thank you for stopping by, and for your thoughtful and complementary feedback.
      I’m pleased to hear you’ve started celebrating the victories that are important to you. Happy writing! Marisa

  4. sueberger3 says:

    Congratulations on your Rone Finalist state.. I’ve been there and it’s great. I learned a long time ago that you need to celebrate you. When I was a stay at home parent I used to end every day with a list of things I hadn’t done that still needed to be done. I learned to do better. At night I would tell myself “Great Dry Cleaning pickup! The kids are in bed and you’re still alive!” In this insane time I end my day with ten things I am grateful for. Right now I missed my early morning flight from Kalamazoo to Los Angeles. My son drove me to Chicago and I am waiting for another flight. I am grateful to be in an almost empty gate. And I am affirming I will be taken off stand by and get on the flight. Also I have time to read.

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