New Soul Mate book coming!

On August 19th my next Soul Mate release will be release and I am so excited to share it with you all!. It is the third in the Universe Chronicles series and is called Storming Time. This time it is our weather talent Zared who has to go rescue a Universe agent who has gotten into a bit of trouble. She turns out to be far more than he expected—in every way.

The Universe Chronicles didn’t start out as a series. The truth was that when I wrote the first book I had no idea what it would turn into. The first draft (well, I thought it was done, but I was wrong) didn’t have the shadow agency of Whisper to push against. I got feedback that the world building wasn’t as robust as people had hoped. It was when I realized that that was what the story needed that the series came alive. In fact, I have a handwritten note taped to my desk that has scribbled notes on the group that became Whisper. When I added Whisper to the series the entire landscape of the books changed and turned into something far greater.

Inspiration is funny that way. Often when I have a piece of the story that isn’t working I will let my sub-conscious go to work on it. I’ll let my mind wander, or think about the issue before I go to sleep and usually within a few days I will have a “ta-da” moment and know what needs to be fixed. It happened in Storming Time, with Hannah’s background and her underlying secret. It happens every time I am faced with a problem. As long as I trust my creative process, things will work out.

I hope that you enjoy the third installment of the Universe Chronicles as much as I did writing it. If you are so inclined, let me know what you think!

Stay safe out there, and be well. Here is a blurb to whet your appetite!

Storming Time blurb:

A fast car, a little weather manipulation to cover his tracks, and Zared Hersh’s emergency extraction job is done. But when Hannah Nickels dives into his front seat, something about her aquamarine eyes strikes him like lightning.

Hannah’s been groomed to join Universe from the moment her time-freezing talent emerged. But recently, her power’s been glitchy.

In the relative safety of Universe HQ in Richmond, their relationship grows. But Hannah has a second, more dangerous power. And as her control slips, someone with a hidden agenda sets her up to fall—straight into Whisper’s trap.

Claire Davon

Claire Davon has written on and off for most of her life, starting with fan fiction when she was very young. She writes across a wide range of genres, and does not consider any of it off limits. Her novels can be found in the paranormal romance and contemporary romance sections, while her short stories run the gamut. If a story calls to her, she will write it. She currently lives in Los Angeles and spends her free time writing novels and short stories, as well as doing animal rescue and enjoying the sunshine. Claire can be found at:

Storming Time #4 Final 1800x2700

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2 Responses to New Soul Mate book coming!

  1. viola62 says:

    I totally understand what you mean about not thinking your book would turn into a series. I didn’t think that when I wrote the first book in the “Jude Mooney” saga that the characters would stay with me and beg for more action.

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