A Resolution

Like clockwork on the first of September, the daily temperatures where I live dropped below 100-degrees. Crisp, humid air now cools me when I’m on my morning bike rides, and I don’t need to worry about planning my route so I can fill up my water bottles at the halfway point. There’s nothing better than rolling out in 70-degree breezes and finishing in the mild warmth of the high 80s.

With fall’s arrival in south-central Texas, comes my realization that—it’s fall. A whole week of September has already passed, and I can’t believe it. For months I’ve been saying, “That can wait until fall,” and conveniently putting off routine chores and complex tasks. Now the season has arrived, and my “to do” list is huge. With just under four months until the end of the year, a majority of my annual goals might need to become 2021 goals.

Sure, I could blame this conundrum on 2020. After all, nothing has gone right this year. But if I’m honest with myself, I was just plain lazy. I could have worked a few more hours each day, could have binge-watched one less series, and could have limited my daily naps to only 30-minuts (or not taken them at all). Now my goal list has zero checkmarks on it.

I can’t let 2020 end with nothing to show for the time each day I have been productive. This year will NOT beat me. So, I’ve resolved to ramp up my word count, to revise the two first drafts which have been languishing in the cloud, and to wipe my task list clean. I might not be able to reach all my goals, but I can put a dent in them.

And I’ll start as soon as I finish watching tomorrow’s live broadcast of the Tour de France and napping afterwards.

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Author, veteran, dog-mom, cyclist. Book: Daughter of the South Wind Twitter: kd_du_bois Instagram: kd.dubois Facebook: kdduboisfan
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1 Response to A Resolution

  1. sueberger3 says:

    Anything you get done in this crazy year is a step forward. I have tons of resolutions.

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