Closet Moods

I started a project today, which means I’m procrastinating on another project (or two). Although I have homework due and a looming mid-term, plus those goals I set in my last blog, I just couldn’t stand one more day of a messy closet. After all, it’s Fall—even though my air conditioner has been running non-stop because of the near-100 degree temps—and Fall means time to clean.

Yes, I know, the term is spring cleaning, but work with me.

Isn’t it true that one must take an inventory of their fall and winter clothing? Try things on to see what still fits? Purge items over ten-years-old? If I do find things that just no longer work for me, is it not best to get them donated now before the cold weather sets in?

And considering this coming week I’ll be out and about to get a flu shot, to vote, and to see the dentist, I’ll have a perfect opportunity to swing by my local donation center for a drop off. Given all this information, I say today’s closet cleaning was the perfect use of my time.

To be honest, the project revealed something about myself that I didn’t realize. The spring/summer side of the closet was full of colorful prints and florals with a few solids thrown in the mix. The fall/winter side had dreary grays, dull blues, and loads of blacks, with only two prints standing out from the line of solids. My clothes presented mood.

Now that the hours of daylight are diminishing, I won’t have the sunshine to boost me. And it seems that over the years, I’ve created a closet palette that won’t help me weather the cold, gray days of the coming months, either. So, I have a new mission—change the mood of the clothes in my closet to year-round, happy and energetic. I don’t need two heather gray, long-sleeve t-shirts. A black top is a black top, no matter what the difference in patterning is. It’s time to turn seventy-five percent of my fall/winter inventory into colorful and cheerful pieces. Which means my one-day project has now turned into a multi-year venture, because I can’t afford to buy new clothes to replace what has taken me a decade to accumulate.

One of these days, I’ll learn not to procrastinate. The things I do instead of what I should do, those that seem like good ideas, always turn into more work than I originally thought.

I should have done my homework.

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1 Response to Closet Moods

  1. Susan James Berger says:

    Hmmm if you figure out how not to procrastinate, let me know. A lot of my clothes are twenty or more years old. My excuse? They still fit, and I am an a tor. You never know when an older outfit will come in handy.

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