Yorkies and Fall by DeAnn Smallwood

The Yorkies and I are entering the fall season with mixed feelings. They are trying to figure out why its so cold when they go out in the early morning to do their jobs. I can almost hear them asking, especially the puppy, Peyton, “What happened?” I’m wondering that myself. One minute it was in the triple digits and the next in the sixty and seventy degree temps. If I’m not careful, fall can be depressing as I grimly anticipate the cold winds, freezing temperatures and snow. I check out the snow shovel to make sure it’s in prime condition and bought more blue tarps to cover anything that might have to be left out of the garage. (I mentioned in my last blog about finding books at a yard sale for .25 apiece. Well, the sale was on again so I bought even more and stored them in the garage. Ergo no room for minor things like rototillers, lawn equipment, etc.)

Yet I have to admit a sense of relief as I wind up my last water hose, blow out the irrigation system and pull the last vine in the garden. I’ve loaded the pickup with potato vines, tomato vines, cucumber vines and trimmed roses and shrubs. Ready to go to the compost yard. Then I run the rototiller over the garden plot to leave it ready for next year’s planting. All of a sudden my work load has shrunk and I have to admit it sure feels good. No more watering, mowing, weeding, picking, and canning.

Another point in fall’s favor is delicious apples. Crunchy, cold, crisp delicious apples. Red and yellow ready for picking. Great for snacks and I use them in apple pies because we like ours sweeter. Another favorite…caramel apples. Gosh I haven’t made them for a long time. I even found an old recipe for cinnamon coated apples. Might dip a few in that great smelling mixture.

Along with fall are the pungent scents we inhale only this time of the year: Fallow ground turned and ready for planting. Fallen leaves. Pumpkin. Spices. Gingerbread. Turkey and dressing. I find myself baking more and filling our house with these familiar odors. I just made up a batch of my cocoa mix ready for those cold winter nights. Chili and cornbread shows up on our menu more and more often.

So all in all, the Yorkie kids and I are grateful for this special season even if the temperature has changed. I’m especially grateful for Stormy our little old lady Yorkie. She’s developed an enlarged heart valve. She’s been so scary sick. Every day we have her is a gift. This will probably be her last fall so it’s especially heartwarming to see her little nose twitch as she smells the fall air and then takes her place back on her pillow to help mom write.

For a fun fall treat, buy yourself a mum plant and put it where you can enjoy it’s beautiful fall color. It’ll help you welcome in this delightful lull before the snow flies. I bought two that our local grocery store offered. One a vibrant purple and the other is a golden yellow. They both came in little bushel baskets. Each Yorkie had to give them a sniff over and all three pronounced them official greeters of fall.

So tie a scarf around your neck and take an early morning walk. Smell the air and crunch a few leaves beneath your feet. Look at the changing colors and say a big “Hello” to fall.

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3 Responses to Yorkies and Fall by DeAnn Smallwood

  1. Cindy Tomamichel says:

    some lovely descriptions here, well done!

  2. sueberger3 says:

    Here in Sunny California I really miss autumn. I spent a lot of my growing up years in various parts of New York and New England and I love the turning leaves. Fortunately, I have a son in Michigan so most years I get to experience autumn. Enjoy!

  3. viola62 says:

    You had my mouth watering for apple pie and pumpkin pie! In Louisiana, we don’t have fall. We have a few cool days. I’d love to see leaves turning different colors. Don’t get me wrong. I love my New Orleans, but I’d love to take a trip one day to a place where leaves turn colors. One winter, I was in Arkansas, and it was a gorgeous sight!

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