Writing Through Stress…The Spring Edition

I hope you’re all doing well! I know things aren’t too much different. In some places, I guess things are changing, but not where I live.

Though, I am going back to the office in a few weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about that. My whole day/routine is definitely going to change and it’s going to take some time to get used to that.

The only thing really changing around here is the weather–like constantly. Yesterday was gorgeous. Today is gray. And tomorrow we will have to turn the heat back on. The mud is awesome, too. Oh, and the shedding animals. It’s like living in a swamp. Ha! And don’t get me started on the pollen.

I have two gorgeous covers for my two re-releases coming out. I am always stunned at how the cover artist can capture a vision I wasn’t even sure of. I’m excited for these books to get back out into the world!

That Man and I took a little trip last weekend. We went to our favorite beach, even though it’s kind of a drive. We had attempted this trip last April, but everything closed down. After some back and forth, the owner gave us a credit for this year. I am so glad it worked out. The place was amazing. Just a studio, but with everything needed. Plus, we were steps from the ocean. I could leave our little spot, go back to the house, do what I needed to do and be back in my beach chair within three minutes. You can’t beat that. We cooked in the tiny kitchen, did a lot of deck sitting, read, got sunburned (don’t get me started. I applied constantly), ordered pizza, and generally just enjoyed it being just the two of us and nothing else.

It was absolutely amazing.

And that’s all I have…

I hope you are doing well and are surviving the best you can! I hope the things you want to do happen and that you get your shot if you want it.


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2 Responses to Writing Through Stress…The Spring Edition

  1. sueberger3 says:

    That sounds like a wonderful trip. I would definitely go for a beach place right now. Stay safe and keep writing.

    • vicsmith says:

      It definitely was! And was definitely much needed! I hope you get a beach place respite soon! You stay safe and keep writing as well! 🙂

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