Spring Awakening

The other night I found a duplicate device charge on the family mobile bill. I contacted customer service, and they told me that the charge was for a phone that had been shipped March 20, 2020 and not activated or returned.

Somewhere deep in my memory, I recalled my husband had ordered a new phone which had been lost and second device was shipped. He’d provided the doorbell camera footage of the time period the shipping company stated they had delivered the phone (which showed it had not) and that the charges would be reversed. They weren’t, and we were owed over $300.00.

On or about March 20, 2020 all Hell was literally breaking loose. I can recall cold, wind, rain, darkness, screaming sirens, whispered fears, empty streets littered with discarded masks and gloves, isolation in break rooms and offices in between suiting up in layers of gowns and makeshift PPE for hours on end, day after day.

Everything else had been cancelled, and all anyone was thinking about was survival–and getting daily necessities.

I had also forgotten the rare moments of sunshine and warmth, when the sight of tulips, daffodils and soon after azaleas and roses broke through and I would sit outside after hosing off my work clogs wondering when this would all come to an end.

In March of 2021, hope arrived along with tiny vials of COVID 19 vaccines. I still suit up, but this time to provide hope in the form of syringe. Each five to seven minute encounter is a joyous event with laughter, tears, cheers, and elbow high fives as each recipient wheels off, shuffles, or happy dances to the observation area, dispensing blessings and a multitude of thanks to everyone along the way.

Last year annual spring and summer conferences, book sales, author events and signings have been virtual. But to my surprise, a socially distanced opportunity arose in the same town in Cape Cod, Massachusetts where the Unfinished Business Series is set.

Brewster In Bloom, an annual celebration of Spring, has set up a trail of socially distanced events hosted outside the homes or businesses of those participating, with a virtual map that will lead right to my driveway. I’d wanted to install a Little Free Library there for folks headed to the beach, and this is the first step on that journey.

The $300.00 the phone company owed was credited back to my account. And this upcoming event provides a glimmer of hope that the daffodils and tulips are not the only things coming back this Spring and Summer.

About caroleannmoleti

Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Midwife, Mother. Writes fantasy because walking through walls is easier than running into them. Writes political commentary, memoir and creative nonfiction because....I am not a well behaved woman.
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3 Responses to Spring Awakening

  1. Reblogged this on CAROLE ANN MOLETI and commented:

    What a difference a year makes.

  2. sueberger3 says:

    You give me hope. And I thank you, Happy Spring renewal.

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