Still living the virtual life

While life is slowly getting back to normal, a lot of events are still virtual this year and with good reason!

The first ever Vivian Awards Ceremony is this Saturday, July 31st in a virtual celebration of excellence in romance writing. As an RWA chapter president, I’m honored to be a part of the ceremony, and even more tickled to announce the Best First Book category since Soul Mate’s own Jeanine Englert is a finalist this year. One of the amazing things about being a romance writer and a member of RWA is the way we lift each other up, so I’m absolutely thrilled that Jeanine is up for this huge honor!

Another virtual event I’m very excited about is the Emerald City Writers Conference in October. ECWC is one of my favorite romance cons, and while I’ll miss seeing everyone in person, I’m sure the virtual conference will still provide  a great opportunity to recharge and connect with other writers. I’m also really thrilled to have been selected to present a workshop at this years conference. I’m looking forward to sharing my wisdom and giving back to the writing community, as well as attending workshops myself and deepening my craft. In this business there is always more to learn! If you are a writer, I hope you’ll consider joining this virtual conference.

So far this year, I haven’t found many reader events to attend, though I have been listening to lots of author panels and readings. Do you have any plans to go to bookish events this year? Are you ready to go back in person or are your still sticking with virtual events for now?

Jaycee Jarvis has been an avid romance reader since devouring all the Sweet Dreams books her middle school library had to offer. Also a fantasy fan from an early age, she often wished those wondrous stories had just a bit more kissing. Now she writes stories with a romantic heart set against a magical backdrop, creating the kind of book she most likes to read.

When not lost in worlds of her own creation, she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children and a menagerie of pets.

Jaycee is a Golden Heart® finalist and author of the Hands of Destin series. The award winning first book in that series, Taxing Courtship, released in June 2018.

Learn more about her around the web:

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5 Responses to Still living the virtual life

  1. sueberger3 says:

    I haven’t found any reader events. Have a wonderful time at the conference. I am thrilled for Janine. I read Lovely Digits a couple of years ago and thought it was wonderful.

  2. jeaninewrites says:

    Jaycee! Thank you for the shout out about the Vivians! *hugs* I appreciate all of your support, fellow Soulie! Fingers crossed for Saturday. I am still just gobsmacked to be a finalist.

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