Labor Day Reflections

It’s the unofficial end of summer, or I prefer, the beginning of autumn – my favorite season. Due to the blazing hot spells this summer in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve noticed trees prematurely turning color.

My motivation to write isn’t strong today, and honestly, I’d rather be aboard Lance, following Danger again out in Rosie’s Meadow, pictured above. Problem is, I have a book calling for attention. Deadly Formula, or Broke and Broken, needs work. Introducing a feline character modeled after my clever cat, Spock, has helped. Let me know what you think of the back cover copy-at least I finished that!

Wedding day plans implode for event coordinator Tanna Carlisle’s own nuptials, catapulting her away from a perfectionist fiancé in Florida. She lands squarely on her butt in the middle of a Seattle street with a fractured leg and an opinion that men stink worse than a three-day old crab puff. She’s determined to reject the assistance of the handsome Italian scientist taking responsibility for the car accident, until reality hits that she’s broke, broken, and beyond desperate. While her break mends, taking the temporary clerical job to assist the inventor on the nationwide rollout of his fracture healing serum won’t really kill her. Or will it?

Scientist Lorenzo Lando created BoneGlu to combat pain. Administering a dose to Tanna aids the recovery from her broken leg, but her emotional hurt strikes deep into his compassionate soul. He’s determined to garner the trust of the alluring American utilizing every molecule of Tuscan charm he can muster. Problem is, someone’s threatening him to turn over the BoneGlu formula by staging accidents. While mutual attraction builds between Tanna and Lorenzo, so does his concern for their lives as scare tactics turn deadly.

If you love slow-burning chemistry, fast action, fearless felines, and relentless villains, then dive into another story on a winding path to Emma Springs, Montana.

About Sally Brandle

Author, horse lover, gardener, pastry enabler, and thankful wife and mother. Very proud of both novels, The Hitman's Mistake and Torn by Vengeance, published by Soul Mate Publishing. The Targeted Pawn releases in March of 2020. Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense, motivating readers to trust their instincts. Growing up as a tomboy alongside brothers prepared her to work in a male-centric industry, raise sons, and create action packed stories featuring strong women. She thrives on creating unintentional heroines who conquer their vulnerabilities and partner with heroes to outwit cunning villains.
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5 Responses to Labor Day Reflections

  1. Best of luck with your new book. It sounds terrific!

    • Sally Brandle says:

      Thank you! Mom was a voracious romance reader and this book was her favorite. It was out of sync with the series, but now seemed a good time to dust it off and throw it out to the world….and who can’t resist a hunky Italian scientist?

  2. sueberger3 says:

    love your blurb. Sounds like a great read.

  3. Sally Brandle says:

    Thank you. I like writing blurbs and have finaled two out of two in a blurb contest–and helped a couple of judges (after the contest), spiff up theirs.

  4. Linda Sparks says:

    Hi Sally,hope you and family are all healthy,it sounds like you are certainly busy writing,I am so proud of you that you are published,can,t wait to start reading your books.Pop in,we are open part time,Wed. thru Sat. 11-4.I just recieved fall sweaters,and of course many new fall looks.My best,Linda

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