Planning A Childrens’ Halloween Party by Susan Hanniford Crowley

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Planning the Party!

Every year, I give a Halloween Garden Party for my grandchildren and one of their friends. The ages range between 9 and 2.

This year the theme is Witches. So all the invitations said to dress as a witch or wizard.

The party begins with a Scavenger Hunt. We put out Halloween standups on the lawn of different Halloween characters made of cardboard. (I bought a set of 8 on Amazon.)

Then we put out 8 bags for each child with their initial on it. Each bag has some candy. Some also have a little age appropriate toy. They can only collect the bags that have their initial. Running is not necessary in this game.

Next we have witch hats that need decorated bands. Each child gets a hat to decorate with lots of stickers and poms to put on it.

Then my oldest daughter is the fortune teller. Each child approaches and hears good stuff about themselves and then receives a stuffed toy animal who will aid them on their quest.

A favorite from last year was bubble wands. We’re going to do that again.

Now it is time for the pizza party! I have a fun party favor like finger puppets at each seat.

After the Party!

After it’s all done, the children go home or are inside watching some Halloween cartoons or animated movie. Then you clean up. It was worth it for all the laughter and photos filled with happy memories. I always ask another member of the family to take pictures.

It’s time for you to relax. Consider a good book. Maybe on a Halloween topic or theme. 
Check out Vampire Princess of New York.

May you have a safe and BOO-tiful party! Have fun!

Susan Hanniford Crowley, Author of Vampire Princess of New York
Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author of Vampire Romance

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1 Response to Planning A Childrens’ Halloween Party by Susan Hanniford Crowley

  1. viola62 says:

    This sound like so much fun! I was leaving church one Sunday and saw a pumpkin patch open house at a neighboring church. I have to visit it. This season has me craving pumpkin pie!

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