Falling Back

This Sunday was the end of daylight savings time in much of the US, including my home state of Oregon. I really struggle with the time change no matter which direction it’s in, in part because the days are so short in the winter already. It will be nice to have a little more light in the morning (though we’ll be getting up in the dark again before long) but sun set is now before 5pm, which makes the evenings feel extra long and dreary all winter long.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

At least these days my kids are all old enough to read a clock and understand the time change as much as I do. When they were babies and toddlers, switching clocks felt like an extra torture as it disrupted meals and nap time, and there was no easy way to reset their body clocks. It is disruptive in that way for adults too–there are more car accidents around the time changes–but at least adults can more or less understand what is happening, even though the reasoning behind it is lost to tradition. Trying to explain the time change to pets and toddlers is a lost cause–they’re hungry when they’re hungry and the clock has little to do with it.

I was very excited when the Oregon legislature passed a law to end the time changes, though it hasn’t gone into effect yet for a variety of reasons, including the desire to stay in daylight savings time year round, rather than standard time like Arizona and Hawaii do already.

Every year when I change my clocks, I cross my fingers that it will be for the last time, since I could do without the disruption to my schedule. What about you? Are you a time change fan or hater? Do you have a preference between standard and daylight savings time?

Jaycee Jarvis has been an avid romance reader since devouring all the Sweet Dreams books her middle school library had to offer. Also a fantasy fan from an early age, she often wished those wondrous stories had just a bit more kissing. Now she writes stories with a romantic heart set against a magical backdrop, creating the kind of book she most likes to read.

When not lost in worlds of her own creation, she resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three children and a menagerie of pets.

Jaycee is a Golden Heart® finalist and author of the Hands of Destin series. The award winning first book in that series, Taxing Courtship, released in June 2018. The final book in that series, Crowning Courtship, came out in May 2021.

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5 Responses to Falling Back

  1. pamelagibson says:

    I don’t mind the time change, either way. But my husband hates it. So–two opinions.

  2. sueberger3 says:

    I’m in the same time zone as you. And I always get it wrong. I actually thought I was gonna lose an hour sleep between Saturday and Sunday instead of gain an hour of sleep. I am a big fan of daylight savings time. But that’s because of where I live. For other people it isn’t so easy. The sunsets yesterdayAt 4:54. I was at the beach to watch it

    • JayceeJarvis says:

      The math for the time change always confuses the heck out of me, especially when making plans for that Sunday!

  3. viola62 says:

    I’m not a fan of the change, but I hate the darkness coming so early.

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