Writing Through Stress… Back to the Holidays

Here we are at the brink of the holidays. We have about a week until Thanksgiving, and we all know how quickly time flies after that.

I have no idea what I’m doing this year. I mean, Christmas-wise. I’ll figure it out, I know. But the worry and planning have started.

Thanksgiving is a two-parter. Dinner at my brother’s with my siblings and their siblings. That should be fun. The kids all had arrangements with friends, which is fine. I’ve told them many times that they shouldn’t feel obligated to do something they really don’t want to do. That sounds terrible and it’s not what I mean at all. I mean, sometimes you want to do something different. Or your friend doesn’t have anyone to spend the holiday with. And that it’s okay to make new traditions.

We’ve been doing that a lot lately. As our families have grown, it’s just not always logical to do the things we used to. Not just my kids, but my entire family has changed and grown. We’ve had to rearrange how we do almost all of the holidays, except for Easter. I don’t know why that still works, but it does at this point.

So, this year, we’re having a second Thanksgiving with the kids and a few of their/our other friends. Not a lot of people, which is good. But it should be a good time.

Working on edits for my book that comes out in April. It’s going well, but it’s taking me forever – or so it feels. I had some issues with my charging cables. Well, one of our cats decided my cables were something good to chew on. I knew she’d done it, but it was still working, so I put off ordering a replacement. Don’t you know that the day my edits came, the cable gave up the ghost. So I ordered a new one. It came quickly. I made the mistake of leaving it in the dining room, and guess what? Yeah, she chewed it again and it immediately stopped working. So I ordered two and so far, I’ve been diligent about putting it away. But oy!

That’s all I have! I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays and celebrations that make you smile!


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2 Responses to Writing Through Stress… Back to the Holidays

  1. sueberger3 says:

    My grandchildren have eaten my cords. They also hide my remotes and my mouse. The two-year old is the worst. Good luck with finishing your edits I know you’ll get it done.

    • vicsmith says:

      You literally made me laugh out loud! My two year old grandson is famous for hiding and chewing on everything! He’s a hoot, but nothing is safe! lol The others… yeah, the same! I did get my edits done and sent back! Thank you so much!

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