Embrace the Imperfect, it is okay…

Our ‘Bug’ tree, complete with ornament eyes. Yup, this came from a spot where it didn’t belong, too close to our driveway. Have I chosen perfectly shaped trees in the past? Of course. But this one worked and I didn’t need to pay big $$$ or deal with a crowded tree lot.

Did we cancel the family gathering over the weekend, while my husband’s brother visited from out-of-state? Yes. Their sister has a two year old granddaughter who will also visit this week. The toddler can’t be vaccinated. No one would take that chance. We’ve also chosen not to go to the local theater for the holiday play. We are season ticket holders and will wait until it is safe for all. I have two adult sons who work. They are careful, but can’t get a booster yet due to their age. I won’t be a carrier.

Do I order from a company called Imperfect Foods? LOL, yes. They deliver to the door. I might get a cabbage the size of a volley ball, or many tiny brussels sprouts, but I embrace the imperfect produce that would end up in a land fill.

Have a safe, loving, peaceful and imperfect holiday, filled with perfectly lovely memories! Happy trails and tales, Sally

About Sally Brandle

Author, horse lover, gardener, pastry enabler, and thankful wife and mother. Very proud of both novels, The Hitman's Mistake and Torn by Vengeance, published by Soul Mate Publishing. The Targeted Pawn releases in March of 2020. Multi-award winning author Sally Brandle weaves slow-burning romance into edgy suspense, motivating readers to trust their instincts. Growing up as a tomboy alongside brothers prepared her to work in a male-centric industry, raise sons, and create action packed stories featuring strong women. She thrives on creating unintentional heroines who conquer their vulnerabilities and partner with heroes to outwit cunning villains.
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5 Responses to Embrace the Imperfect, it is okay…

  1. JayceeJarvis says:

    I love your beautiful, imperfect tree! What a wonderful message for the holiday season ❤

    • Sally Brandle says:

      Thank you, Jaycee. We all need to be grateful for what we have! May you and your family share special times together in the upcoming days. Miss seeing you in person, though. Sal

  2. sueberger3 says:

    Happy holidays. We’ve been watching movies at home. Yesterday we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol and a screener copy of Macbeth. I know I’m in it. But it really is so good. It’s in theaters right now and comes out on Apple plus on January 14.
    Today we watched the electrical life of Louis Wain starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It’s on Amazon prime and it was terrific. we’ve also watched Being the Ricardo’s which I loved.
    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  3. Hi Sue. Happy holidays to you and yours, too! We watched The Courier a couple nights back and enjoyed it. I’ll watch for you in Macbeth. We have Amazon Prime and Netflix, so I’ll add Lucy to my list, too. I saw the Benedict one and thought we should try a viewing. Now we will! And we thoroughly enjoyed the lighter, Red Notice….and we’ve sold a few audio books. I need to research advertising that venue next.
    Stay safe, warm, and dry,

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