Writing Through Stress… Almost Done With the Holidays…

All that’s left is New Year’s!

I hope you had an amazingly lovely holiday no matter how you celebrate! We did, though we ran around like idiots for three weeks prior. We had grandkids here for cookies, family here for random gatherings (safe gatherings), and then Christmas Eve. Then Christmas Day, which is also our youngest’s birthday. We had surprise visitors in the form of our son/daughter-in-law/grandboys! They had the big “C” three weeks prior and hadn’t wanted to commit to anything. They were well outside their quarantine and feeling good. We spoke on the phone and the next thing I knew, they were texting to say they were on their way. It was awesome! We hadn’t seen our boys for ages!

So by Sunday, we were in a coma! Ha! And then today, we’re back at the day job. But it’s all good. I’m exhausted. Like I feel like I could sleep for a week and still be tired.

And now we start on New Year’s Eve. Our celebration this year will be very quiet. There will be five of us. Super low key and I’m so happy about that. Of course, New Year’s Day, the kids will all come, but that’s okay, too. They are all doing their own thing this year, which is fine! Honestly, their chaos makes me tired. Ha!

My wish for all of us is that 2022 is an easier year than the past two have been! I wish you peace, love, health, and less stress! And huge book sales! đŸ™‚


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4 Responses to Writing Through Stress… Almost Done With the Holidays…

  1. Susan J Berger says:

    I wish you a joyous new year and a much much better next year. And lots of books sales. Blessings

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