Rosemary Chicken Pasta

It’s not easy sometimes, being a writer and looking after the house, children, pets, and hold down a job. There is too often not enough time and energy to do all the things. So here is an adaptable recipe that requires no brainpower and you can jot down notes about that novel while the pasta cooks! The sauce should be ready at the same time the pasta is cooked.


(can be scaled up, or portions frozen for later)

2 chicken breast fillets or thigh pieces

1 medium onion (can be left out if you can’t be bothered cutting it up)

1 can crushed tomatoes 440 gms

1 branch of fresh rosemary, about 10cm long, or 1/2tablespn dried, although fresh tastes much better. Adjust amount to your taste.

Salt and pepper

Pasta – noodles are good with this


  • finely chop the onion
  • pour the tomatoes into a saucepan, add onions
  • put pasta water on to boil
  • cook tomatoes on medium, until onions are soft
  • finely chop the rosemary leaves, adding to the tomatoes.
  • add pasta when water is boiling
  • chop the chicken into small 2cm cubes and add to the tomatoes
  • add salt and pepper, cooking for about another 5 minutes until the chicken is cooked.
  • serve with pasta.


You could whack everything in a crockpot and cook on low. I’d leave the chicken whole (a frozen lump will be fine too) and shred when done, and add the rosemary before serving. To save cooking pasta, add in a couple of potatoes, reuse some leftover rice or potatoes, or grab one of those handy microwave rice packets.

Use another fresh herb such as oregano, tarragon or basil

 Add mushrooms, capsicum or sliced zucchini or leftover vegetables

Use TVP (textured vegetable protein) for a vegetarian/vegan version.

You can fry the chicken and onion first, drain fat and then add tomatoes, but this is more work and changes the delicate taste of the dish.

 Stir through a dollop of low fat yogurt after taking off the heat for a creamier option

Cunning Hint:

Use a long handled wooden spoon to stir pasta or rice. Heat doesn’t move through wood well, so you reduce the risk of burns.

About Cindy

Cindy Tomamichel is a multi-genre author, with her SMP series Druid’s Portal a time travel action adventure romance set in Roman Britain. Short stories of fantasy, scifi and romance can be found on her website, where she blogs on aspects of world building. The 30 Organizing Tips for Writers provides much needed help for authors trying to navigate social media and build an author platform. Doing NaNo this year? Check out her free book NaNoWriMo Ready. Or pick up a copy of the free Romance Short Stories.

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About Cindy Tomamichel

Escape the everyday with tales of time travel, romance, fantasy and science fiction. My website blog focuses on world building for scifi, fantasy and historical fiction writers. Wanting help with your author platform? Check out 'The Organized Author' book and services.
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3 Responses to Rosemary Chicken Pasta

  1. Sounds yummy! Thank you!

  2. sueberger3 says:

    I always love getting him in recipe. Especially when it’s easy. Thank you. I applaud your energy and getting so much done. I wish I could say the same. About me.

  3. viola62 says:

    This is great! I’m with you! Many responsibilities! I need recipes with no brain power!

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