Christmas at the Chinese Buffet and the Bowling Alley:

Christmas at the Chinese Buffet and the Bowling Alley:

Christmas in New Orleans often does not look like the type featured in Hallmark movies. In fact, it is often extremely hot in our part of the state during the holiday season. I love cold weather; my hubby, alas, does not. A warmer Christmas is fine with him; however, this Christmas promises to tip below freezing. I’m thrilled! He’s not!

This Thanksgiving, we went to North Carolina to be with some of our relatives who are transfers from New Orleans. The weather was mild, and we loved the family atmosphere. This Christmas, we also will participate in many of our traditional holiday traditions and see friends and family we love. On December 17, I attended a concert by friends in the suburb of Gretna. The whole area was bright with lights and was gorgeous.  On December 18, hubby and I attended the Louisiana Transfer Ceremony. This event celebrates the transfer of the Louisiana territory to the United States. Caroling in Jackson Square followed. Later in the week, we will attend a Celtic Christmas concert by Danny O’Flaherty, a noted Irish musician. We will, of course, finish our Christmas shopping and attend Midnight Mass at St. Joseph, the church where we were married. The caroling in church begins well before midnight, and we love to participate.

Our favorite part of Christmas celebrating is our dinner at a small Chinese buffet. We aren’t tied to any traditional dinner, and this buffet holds a special place in our hearts. We spent our first holiday as a couple there. It was there we talked of the future and the possibility of a life together. It is in this restaurant every Christmas we reaffirm our joy in each other and in each other’s company. No traditional turkey for us; we are quite happy with our non-traditional meal. We then head to the Rock ‘n’ Bowl for a non-traditional Christmas show in a bowling alley/music hall that boasts a gorgeous Nativity, Virgin Mother Statue, Vince Vance head, and images of rock icons on the wall.

We are quite happy with our non-traditional Christmas, and we will follow the tradition of visiting our families and our friends. We will attend a friend’s New Year’s Eve party and host several people for wine and cheese during this festive season. We will celebrate in freedom and in joy. We have the freedom to live as we choose, and I praise our Founding Fathers and those who fought in later wars for our freedom. This is why my characters like Nuala Comeaux, Jude Mooney, and his progeny have fought for freedom—so that we, their descendants, can celebrate our traditions in peace.

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I am a teacher by day and a writer by night. I live in New Orleans with my loving husband and write historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary romance. New Orleans is frequently a character in the book, but I also traverse continents in my quest to bring my characters to life.
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3 Responses to Christmas at the Chinese Buffet and the Bowling Alley:

  1. sueberger3 says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas. I have got to read your books. I own them I just am so behind on my reading. I am also having a nontraditional Christmas. I am meeting my son and his family and my sister in our old hometown in Hawaii in Kailua on Oahu
    the last time I celebrated Christmas on Oahu was when my brother was dying. My sister and I came to support him and I remember that Christmas we went to Zippys restaurant and ordered out and ate Christmas dinner on the beach. We will probably do that again this year. Remembering my brother and rejoicing in the present happy 2023.

  2. Jill Prim says:

    Really nice blog, thank you for sharing your traditions. Your books look really interesting, I want to check them out. 😀 merry Christmas 🎄 and have new year! 🥳
    Jill Prim

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