Valentine’s Day an the Meaning of Love:

The Feast of St. Valentine celebrates the life of one of two Christian saints. According to legend, St. Valentine ministered to Christians imprisoned by the Romans. In other legends, he married Christians forbidden by Rome to marry. In modern times, Valentine’s Day has become a commercial celebration of love, but it is important to remember the more somber aspect of this feast day. The martyrdom of St. Valentine illustrates the sacrificial and selfless aspect of love.

No one should seek love believing it will result in unlimited blessings and endless joy. The joy is found in the life we forge with a partner, not in endless fun or untested love. On the contrary, true love survives in the face of disappointment, challenges, and adversity. As in the case of St. Valentine, true love involves risk and sacrifice. True love involves placing trust in someone who may disappoint or betray with the hope that the object of our affection will respond like the hero/heroine we hope him or her to be.

In my novels, I tell the tale of true love. The characters in my novels meet many challenges. In Love at War, Nuala and Keith must survive numerous obstacles to find happiness. In From Ice Wagon to Club House, Jude Mooney finds love and redemption in the arms of his fiery Irish beauty. In the Progeny, Jude’s sons fall in love with a woman of both beauty and character. In Buccaneer Beauty, Grainne O’Malley achieves greatness with a man every inch her equal in tenacity and cunning. All of these stories involved sacrifice, determination, and selflessness.

Valentine’s Day has become a commercial celebration, but the sacred origins of the holiday hold a lesson for modern celebrants. Love is not easy or cheap. True love adheres, holds, and gives of itself.

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I am a teacher by day and a writer by night. I live in New Orleans with my loving husband and write historical fiction, mysteries, and contemporary romance. New Orleans is frequently a character in the book, but I also traverse continents in my quest to bring my characters to life.
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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day an the Meaning of Love:

  1. sueberger3 says:

    Well said! Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. Sally Brandle says:

    Thoughtful and enriching post. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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