Dating Trends for 2023

While reading Bianca London’s article in a recent issue of Glamour UK, I realized that I was unfamiliar with the 2023 dating lexicon. In researching the article, Bianca enlisted the aid of dating experts Eugénie Legendre and Dennie Smith and Relationship Guru Alix Fox.

Note: Several of these trends are spin-offs of ghosting. As a refresher, ghosting occurs when someone suddenly ends all communication without explanation. No phone calls. No replies to your texts or emails.


After ghosting you, the person suddenly re-appears and acts like nothing has happened.


While the ghost has vanished, the “haunter” still hangs around your social media accounts, but no direct contact is made.


Similar to haunting, orbiting refers to keeping someone “in their orbit” after the breakup. Orbiters will like photos and tweets and spy on Instagram stories. They may even comment! Not quite in your life and not entirely removed, their objective is to let you know they are still around and thinking about you.


Also called “stashing,” pocketing occurs when your partner keeps you hidden from their family and friends. Pocket-ers are available only when their schedules are clear of any public encounters.


If you feel that the person you’re dating is also dating, you are being benched. You are someone else’s Plan B or C while they shop for a better deal.

Cookie Jarring

Two people have been dating for a while. One partner wishes to have extra security. So, they get friendly with someone else just in case the first relationship doesn’t work out.


You are being side-barred when you’re on a date with someone who is paying more attention to their phone. They are constantly on or distracted by their phone, unable to be completely present.


You bin someone or potentially recycle them into a friend because they don’t care enough about the environment.

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6 Responses to Dating Trends for 2023

  1. lizkflaherty says:

    Oh, heaven save me from ever being single! I’d never even be able to learn the glossary, much less survive it.

  2. noelleg44 says:

    I would not want to be single again! But new names for old behavior!

  3. viola62 says:

    Texting while on a date is the new behavior! I’ve seen kids obviously out together on their phones outside movie theaters, etc. In a “pocketing” situation, the person is married.

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