A Coronation of a Lifetime

By Jeanine Englert

This past Saturday I got up at 4:30am eager for the day to begin as if I was a child on Christmas morning. The reason you ask? I was excited to view the Coronation of King Charles III, what may be the only coronation in my lifetime. While I hope to see another, I couldn’t wait to see this one. Not only was it fabulous and lived up to all of my expectations, I learned so much about the history behind the stages of a coronation and “oohhed” and “ahhhed” my way through the event. Five hours later, I saw the grand wave of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and sighed in contentment. Yes, I watched all five hours while enjoying some scones and mince pies alongside my celebratory tea towel, and I have no regrets.

In case you missed it, here were my top 5 highlights:

#5: The Gold State Coach. *Gasp* I was agape at the sight of it in all of its 260-year-old glory, weren’t you? So much history and beauty in a carriage first used in the Victorian Age. It made me wonder what Lucy and John (from Lovely Digits) would have thought of it up close. I have a feeling John might not have been impressed as he is far too practical. But that is one of the reasons I adore him.

#4: Penny Mourdant. As Leader of the House of Commons, Lord President of the Privy Council, AND the first woman to carry the sword of state, I was aghast at her pose and for earning such an honor. Not to mention carrying a sword that I can’t imagine was lightweight when it was well, perhaps the largest sword I had ever seen.

#3: George, Charlotte, and Louis. The grandchildren of King Charles III were absolutely adorable and stole moments here and there throughout the day. How could you not smile, especially seeing George as one the pages carrying his grandfather’s robes!

#2: The Royal Salute and Red Arrows Flypast over Buckingham Palace. I loved the pageantry of the bagpipes, “hip hip hooray” royal salute, and flypast over the palace with the gorgeous red, white, and blue streaming across the sky from the Royal Air Force Red Arrows. It gave me goosebumps.

#1: Westminster Abbey. Period. Is there a cathedral more beautiful? Hearing the organ and choir choked me up from the very beginning. The music was varied, thoughtfully chosen, and gorgeous. Mixed in with the import of the moment steeped in such rich historical and religious tradition, more than once I wiped away a tear. I can’t imagine what it must have felt like to have been there.

If you missed it, have no fear. You can find clips, replays, and videos all over the internet to see the event. And, I recommend at least poking around to see the highlights. Like I said, it was the Coronation of a lifetime.

Care to share your favorite coronation moment? Feel free to drop a comment below to help me celebrate!

Jeanine Englert’s love affair with mysteries and romance began with Nancy Drew, Murder She Wrote, and her Grandmother’s bookshelves full of romance novels. She is a VIVIAN® and Golden Heart® Finalist as well as a Silver Falchion, Maggie, and Daphne du Maurier Award Winner in historical romance and mystery.

Her Scottish Highland historical and historical romantic suspense novels revolve around characters seeking self-acceptance and redemption. When she isn’t wrangling with her characters on the page, she can be found trying to convince her husband to watch her latest Masterpiece or BBC show obsession. She loves to talk about books, writing, her beloved rescue pups, as well as mysteries and romance with other readers. Visit her website at www.jeaninewrites.com.

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1 Response to A Coronation of a Lifetime

  1. viola62 says:

    The history was interesting, and I found the family dynamics (and tensions) very intriguing.

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