Writing Through Stress… So Many Things

Here we are again…

A lot has happened since my last post.

That Man and I went to the beach and had a wonderful time! Friends of ours were down the same week we were and stayed close enough that we could walk to each other’s places. It was just what was needed.

When we returned, That Man had a bunch of medical tests scheduled. That’s what we’ve been doing–one test after another. Each result would send us to another urgently scheduled test with blood work in between. This past week, we reached the last one and the news was okay. Not awesome and “normal”, but not horrible. So we move forward…

The unknown was so scary. The thought of potential outcomes filled my head every single night when I tried to sleep. The thought of the diagnosis being a death sentence, or that something would happen during one of the tests was a constant flow that I had no control over. I’ve been in my own head so much, I haven’t touched my manuscript except for a few random times. Even critiquing for my critique group was difficult. I ignored social media and my phone. But now we’re through all of that and it’s time to move forward. I feel like I’ve aged twenty years in the past month. I’m tired–like soul tired. I know that will ease and things will go back to normal soon. I know it’s okay.

We’re taking things one day at a time as the fear and anxiety eases away. I don’t think we can do anymore than that right now. It was a huge scare with so many not good possible outcomes. But knowing that things are okay is a huge help.

And now I will get back to work. Got my edits for my short story, and my art sheet. I have a critique to finish up. And I’m still close to finishing the latest wip.

I hope things are as right as they can be in your world and that you’re managing the best that you can. Remember to be kind to yourself. That’s another thing I struggled with a lot over the past month.


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4 Responses to Writing Through Stress… So Many Things

  1. sueberger3 says:

    I wish you hope and peace of mind and I pray things will be better for you

  2. viola62 says:

    I know times like these are scary! Over Mardi Gras break, we thought my husband was having a stoke. Thank God it wasn’t, only Bells Palsy. Hang in there!

  3. vicsmith says:

    That is scary! Thanks and you too!

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