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Convention Nerves

It’s almost time! In exactly two weeks, I’ll be boarding a plane to New Orleans for the annual Romantic Times Convention. This is one of the best conventions for a writer, in my opinion, since there are real live readers … Continue reading

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Writing through the Pain

Last week, I was humming along – managing my ‘normal’ job and writing what I hope to be my next masterpiece, along with all the other things that go along with being a working mom when everything came to a … Continue reading

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Finding Our Inner Hero

I had a happy post ready to go this morning, and I wasn’t able to post it. Not with my heart so heavy for the victims and families of the D.C. tragedy. During days as difficult as yesterday, for our … Continue reading

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Looking for Love in the Wrong Place?

I was watching television the other night (when I should have been writing – bad author!) completely enthralled. There’s a really savvy, smart show on called The Newsroom with one of my favorite actors – Jeff Daniels. It’s no wonder … Continue reading

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The Writing Cake

The Writing Cake People have a number of rituals which help them prepare for the task of writing. I don’t mean to make it sound like a chore, but isn’t it? For full time writers, or even part time like … Continue reading

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Writing Pains – The Act of Balancing Writing with a Busy Life

As I sit in my Long Beach, CA hotel room on a business trip for my ‘day’ job, I’m struggling with reality. As a writer – a writer with two children, a full time job, a significant other (make that … Continue reading

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DST Hang Over

There are few things that have a lasting an effect on me as Daylight Saving Time. As most of you are aware, the majority of US states (and a host of other countries) ‘fall back’ one hour during the fall … Continue reading

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The Greatest Valentine

I’m sure everyone is blogging this week about Valentine’s Day and how important it is to show your mate exactly how much you love them. And all that is awesome. One year I received a designer purse, and another, a … Continue reading

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Beating the Blues

According to a scientific study, Monday was the most depressing day of the year. I honestly can’t thing of anyone that is very fond of Mondays, but specifically, they were referring to January 21, 2013. I was simply aghast to … Continue reading

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