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I write Western Romance and am a shameless fan of Small Towns and Second Chances. In 2009, I performed at Carnegie Hall and checked that off from my "bucket list." Look for me at the Kiser Ranch down here in Texas where I"ll either be quilting, milking the goat, or making goat milk lotion. The fun never ends!

Breathing Life Into Fiction

  I can’t speak for other writers, but during the month of July, I often find myself oppressed by the sizzling summer heat and fresh out of ideas for books. Maybe that’s why God invented vacations, or as some of … Continue reading

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The Legacy

This year was a milestone for me. On April 8th, I celebrated my 70th birthday-an event which coincided with the release of my second book, STARS OVER TEXAS. Thank you, Debby Gilbert, for being so accommodating! The cake was amazing, … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday…Irish Style

I know it’s cliche’ but I don’t get out much-I mean-I really don’t get out much. And that, my friends, is why I simply cannot let the month of March pass by without sharing my recent trip to Ireland. For those … Continue reading

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ChuckWagon Poetry

A warm welcome to all of you reading my very first Tea with Tessa blog! When I discovered my date to blog was February 8th, I nearly keeled over, wondering how I could possibly compete with (a) a government shutdown; … Continue reading

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