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A Conversation with Lisa Kleypas

I had a lot of interesting experiences at RT and attended several useful workshops, but the experiences I found most fascinating were “Conversations” with famous authors. In them, a moderator would sit with the author and ask him/her questions or … Continue reading

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Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon, bless their greedy little hearts, has developed an associate program for authors (and others) called the Amazon Affiliate Program. What this program does, if you join, is to give you a small pittance for everything a shopper buys after … Continue reading

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Do We Deserve a Cold Winter?

 I recently had an email penpal from Maine who claimed that we need a cold icy winter to deserve the spring, when it finally comes. I took umbrage to that. We can’t enjoy the spring unless we’ve earned it, unless … Continue reading

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Using Technical and Esoteric Terms in Your Stories

I am currently finishing a long short story called Married to the Job, 14,000 words, about an astrophysicist and a particle physicist. I wanted to give the reader a sense of what kind of world people like that live in … Continue reading

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