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Lucky Thirteen

Lucky Thirteen I’ve never found the number 13, or even Friday the 13th to be unlucky. On the other hand, Wednesdays tend to be the typical day of disaster for me, with some notable exceptions like the 9-11 terrorist attacks, … Continue reading

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Incomplete Encounters and Split Personalities

My life is one giant incomplete encounter. There is never enough time to restore order in the house, to spend with my family, or to do my writing or marketing. The house is never really clean; the stages of disarray range from pretty under to control to hopeless. Continue reading

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The Mourning Moon and A Writer’s Journey

On my way home from Thanksgiving dinner, everyone in the car with me was in an L-Tryptophan induced sleep. Even at 6 pm, it was so dark I had to put my bright lights on to negotiate the back roads … Continue reading

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Carole Ann Moleti: Blending the Real World into Fiction

So after a long summer SMP Author Blogathon we’re into fall and the weather finally feels like it. The leaves are fluttering down and crunching under my feet. Pumpkins are appearing everywhere, and spooky urban fantasies (some of them mine) … Continue reading

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Calling on Carole: Confessions of a Panster

Mike and Liz Keeny are newlyweds, new parents, and the proprietors of the Barrett Inn, an 1875 Victorian on Cape Cod, which just happens to be haunted. By their own ghosts. The Inn had become an annex of Purgatory, putting … Continue reading

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