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It’s Hard to Say Goodbye: To My Characters

The melancholy returned as I went about my business and realized that there is a part of me in every single one of them–and that there are pieces of the challenges I face in each of their’s. Continue reading

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Villains, Heros and Heroines

In 2005, the cold reality of violent domestic abuse portrayed in a film propelled me into writing fiction. Since then, I figured out that every villain has a wound and showing that wound incites some level of sympathy or, at … Continue reading

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To Nano or Not to Nano?

So, to NaNo or not to NaNo? Should I sign up jump the track and start writing 500 words a day on a new project? What are other writers doing? Continue reading

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Closing the Arcs: Walking Hand in Hand with My Characters

I am finishing Storm Watch, the third book in the Unfinished Business series. Synchronicities, a theme I touched on last time, abound. It’s been difficult to keep up the momentum, but it’s not writer’s block. Storm Watch is more than half complete. I have lived with these characters for over 10 years. But I have lived with myself for many more, which is probably the reason. Continue reading

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The Art of Writing a Review …

So, you’ve read a great book lately have you? Maybe even found yourself a new “keeper” author. Can’t wait for that next great read? Like any other entertainment professional, authors need encouragement. Validation over and above the initial sale. Where…

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I’m fascinated with the concept of synchronicity, a term coined by Karl Jung. He postulated that seemingly random coincidences are, in reality, part of the collective unconscious–essentially communication with other realms of being. Albert Einstein was one of his acquaintances, … Continue reading

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Lucky Thirteen

Lucky Thirteen I’ve never found the number 13, or even Friday the 13th to be unlucky. On the other hand, Wednesdays tend to be the typical day of disaster for me, with some notable exceptions like the 9-11 terrorist attacks, … Continue reading

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