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Traveler, adventurer, writer of historical romance. Enamored of owls, books, history, and beautiful gardens (but not the actual act of gardening).

Age is Just a Number

Age is just a number. At least, I always thought so. Am I not supposed to tell you what the number is? What the heck, I will—but remember it is just a number. Beloved and I haven’t slowed down in … Continue reading

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Retirement, a Mixed Blessing

As I review this post, I think a warning is in order: This situation is almost, though perhaps not entirely, a woman’s issue. A writer friend of mine recently retired from her day job, thrilled to have so much more … Continue reading

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Drug of Choice

We are plagued with many things in 2020: massive fires, multiple hurricanes, politicians—and, oh yes, COVID-19. On any given day we might also read about locusts, killer hornets, asteroids, sun storms, the most recent update to Windows 10, and the … Continue reading

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The Good Years

There’ve been a lot of jokes about 2020. One wag announced that 2020 is what you get when you mix up your tarot cards with Cards Against Humanity. And it has been an ugly one. But in order to comprehend … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Keep Your Focus

It has been a long hellish stretch of weeks, none more than this last. It is impossible to put fingers to keyboard and not think about George Floyd and the wide implications of his treatment, but I said my piece, … Continue reading

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Give Me an Island and a Good Book

In these current Interesting Times, do you ever feel like you’re living on a desert island? You’re stranded with the people you washed ashore with, supplies only come in on the occasional wave, and one day looks just like the … Continue reading

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Here’s to the Light’s Victory

The days grow dark, we sink into the long winter nights, and something in our heart calls out for light. Is it any wonder civilization after religion after civilization celebrates the return of light just after nights reach their longest … Continue reading

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The Quintessential Veteran

The year has slipped into November and Halloween is behind us—though candy lingers—and the big holidays loom in front. Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is easy to slide right past a more somber one that is right in … Continue reading

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Holding the Fort at HRR

This week I’ve been hobnobbing with readers and writers at the Historical Romance Retreat at the historic (what else would it be) Mission Inn in Riverside California. This year I dragged Beloved along if only so he could see this … Continue reading

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At the Shore…

While many, perhaps even most, SMP Authors hit the Big Apple, networking at the RWA National 2019 Conference, I was walking on the shore at Cape May Point, enjoying birds, dolphins, and the hypnotic effect of waves. You see, I … Continue reading

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