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What Happens in Denver . . . Involves a Cast of Thousands! by CiCi Cordelia

Okay, two thousand. Mostly women. Some wilder than others, but all very enthusiastic. The Sheraton Denver probably didn’t know what hit it. This year CiCi Cordelia showed up, ready to rumble. Or at least stand around and look cute. Her … Continue reading

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Going to Denver in July: Are You Ready for RWA 2018? by CiCi Cordelia

Put over two thousand authors, publishers, editors, agents, and other industry professionals into a huge hotel, and you’ve got quite a party. Put them all together in a huge hotel in Denver, and you’ve got a party in one of … Continue reading

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Duet-Writing on a Trilogy: Fun and Educational But Mostly Fun! By CiCi Cordelia

In just a few weeks, CiCi Cordelia—aka Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko—will release Book One of a series set in late-1800s Colorado. It’s our first foray into the Historical Romance genre with a sub-genre of Western Historical. We’ve been having … Continue reading

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A Newer, Improved Newsletter from Soul Mate! by Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko

Hi All: In case you haven’t already figured it out, Soul Mate’s September Newsletter is pretty bad-ass. Newsletter Coordinator Cheryl Yeko has been working hard, finding ways to improve not only the process of gathering the information needed to fill … Continue reading

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Dress to Impress: A Guide to Conferencing in Style! By Rebecca Heflin

(With an Intro by Char Chaffin!) Hi All: With RWA National a whisper away (Okay, ten days away!), I wanted to repost an excellent blog by one of our most dedicated blogging regulars: Rebecca Heflin. (Pictured: the ever-adorbs Rebecca) Rebecca … Continue reading

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. . . Isn’t just Disneyland or World. This summer, for authors who are members of RWA, it’s also the Annual National Conference, the week of July 26. That’s when Romance Writers of America’s Annual Conference takes over Orlando and … Continue reading

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Authors, Sparkle That Manuscript! by Char Chaffin

Hi Everyone! With RWA National coming up fast, and folks rushing around trying to finish up current works in preparation for those nerve-wracking but vital pitching appointments during conference, I decided to post Part One of a two-part blog that … Continue reading

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