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I am a multi genre author of action adventure romance. Escape the everyday. My novel, Druid's Portal with Soul Mate Publishing is the first in a time travel romance series. Set in Roman Britain, it has plenty of action, adventure and romance to set your heart racing. my website blog focuses on world building for scifi, fantasy and historical fiction writers.

Planning to write – or writing to plan?

A new year is always a time of reflection, with the chance to review the year past, and plan how to make the new year better. But new year resolutions often fade into an embarrassed silence by February, and another … Continue reading

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We are well into the horrors of Christmas shopping, cooking and work parties. Feeling Grinchy yet? If you are the main organiser you probably want to take a flamethrower to the next loudspeaker tinkling out carols. But it is not … Continue reading

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Chekhov’s housework

I was doing some mundane laundry – where I often get some great ideas – and it occurred to me that the doing of housework is a great way to reveal character. Not the singing and dancing while mopping Disney … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

Once you get into writing novels, the term ‘Beta Readers’ is often bandied about. Touted as a magical way to improve your writing –  a beta reader fairy will read your unpublished manuscript and tell you exactly what is stopping … Continue reading

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A New Plot on your Doorstep

We travel perhaps to see different things, hear strange voices and test our courage on odd foods with tentacles. But what if we can’t travel far? Will just going somewhere different do? Live in the burbs? Catch a train to … Continue reading

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Swoon Worthy Romance

Every writer wants to improve their craft – to make the words sing, to pierce the heart of a reader with poetry that will live with them forever… umm, moving on. So I imagine every writer is also a reader … Continue reading

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Travel and writing

There are a lucky few who make a living hopping on planes to exotic locales and sending off a well-paid article while they knock back a cocktail by the pool. Well, I hope there are, it’s a lovely dream to … Continue reading

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