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About Connie Rhinehart

I write paranormal and Science Fiction Romance. I grew up in Idaho and other then a small stint in Alaska I've stayed in Idaho. Rhinehart is my maiden name and also my pen name. The first story I ever wrote I was four years old and I've been hooked sence then.

I’m Not The Brightest Diamond in the Display Case

Really, it’s sad to say, but in my case it can be very true. Sane authors, I’m sure, spend the month before the release of their novel, networking, and promoting. They spend considerable amounts of time using the many, helpful, … Continue reading

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My mixed up mind

Hello, everyone. Today I thought I would talk about stepping off that huge cliff from becoming a “writer” to the whirl wind of being an “author.” The dictionary’s short description of a writer is in simple form …a person who … Continue reading

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People are strange

It’s true, people are strange. Now of course strange to me is not a bad thing. I’m strange and later I’ll share some of my own strangeness. But (just so I am not all alone in my original and unique) … Continue reading

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A Mound of Clay

I came to consciousness, disoriented. Darkness, surrounded me, and I squinted trying to see. Something. Anything.   I felt strange, weightless.     A soft glow began to form below me, capturing my attention. Growing, until a small table began … Continue reading

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A Thought

One of my fondest childhood memories is lying in bed. Eyes glued to my father as I sang our nightly song. “Tell me a story. Tell me a story. Tell me a story then I’ll go to bed. You said … Continue reading

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Mean People…I Love

Yes, Yes, I know it is supposed to be ‘Mean People Suck.’ But honestly I do love them. “Why?” You ask. I first began to like mean people when I was in kindergarten. Yes way back then, Oh so long … Continue reading

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