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Author of CHAOS AT HIGH ALTITUDE (2012) where turbulence and a handsome hunk get a girl's heart racing more than a near miss at a street intersection.

How many keys are in your junk drawer?

Recently, I had to find a key to a lock on a bicycle rack that been stored for years in the garage. The rack was still in excellent shape and a friend said she could use it. But first, I … Continue reading

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Taking a mental vacation …

How long has it been since you picked up a book that’s so riveting you couldn’t put it down? Thankfully those gems don’t happen every week or else I wouldn’t get anything done. Recently, my husband said I should read … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends from the department of DUH. (Did U Hear?)

How many times this week have you had cause to scratch your head at craziness? The internet has put me on the information super freeway and my friends gladly share links to head-scratching items. But there are “funnies” in newspapers … Continue reading

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Bad Drivers

Over the years, I’ve noticed driving habits of too many people deteriorate to the point where navigating through traffic has gotten down right scary. Speeds have increased to the point, where if you are not going ten miles over the … Continue reading

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Barking Cows

Everyone knows cows don’t bark. But… … The notion hung on the threshold of my mind all day. I couldn’t shake it from the dream that woke me where I saw the two calves at a fence, heads raised, and … Continue reading

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Manners—something I’ve noticed.

I normally wouldn’t say anything, but I’m seeing more occurrences which raises the question: when did the rules of conversation change? What happened to one person is to speak at a time? I grew up in a family of eight … Continue reading

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An Awesome Book Signing

1 book, 1 night, 2 bookstores, 17 authors. No, it wasn’t my book and not my signing. But last night, Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Roseville, MN hosted an event I will never forget. To see a big chain store … Continue reading

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